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Hi! I've been looking around, and I feel the best projector that fits my needs on my budget is the Epson 8350. To buy it new, I would have to spend $1,100 - $1,200. However, on Epson's website, they are selling it refurbished for $999.

I've never had issues refurbished electronics in the past, but I haven't had any experience with Epson. Would you recommend the refurbished one, or spend over $100 for a new one? I'm kind of a cheap person, but I don't want to sacrifice quality. Do they have good quality refurbished items? Any help would be great.
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  1. I was recently comparing the Epson 8350 with the Optoma HD20. I had always planned on getting the HD20 until I saw the Epson projector. After that, it just came down to finances (which landed me my new HD20).

    I would definitely check out Epson's return/warranty policy on refurbished items. It looks like they have a two year warranty on new projectors. If the warranty on the refurbished projector is less than one year, I'd be leary. If it's one or two years, I'd probably jump on it.

    Not sure of your location, but I have a Best Buy local to me. I happened to be in there while I was doing my research on which projector to get and they had one set up in their display room. If you have a Best Buy out near you, it might be worth a trip (or at least a phone call) to see if they have one set up for you to preview.

    A couple of things about the Epson 8350:
    1) It's HUGE! Easily 50% larger than either of my projectors (Optoma HD20 and BenQ MP610).
    2) Couldn't tell if it was the source material or the projector itself, but I wasn't impressed with the clarity of the image I saw at Best Buy. I asked the representative if he was sure this was a Blu-Ray disc playing (Cars 2). He said it was. It just looked real grainy to me.

    Only other thing I could say would be to make sure you know exactly what the warranty and return policies are before purchasing it. If you get it and something doesn't sit right with you, return it immediately.

    On a side note: I had to request an RMA from Newegg the day after I received my Optoma HD20. The cooling fan was sputtering and the system was over-heating. Just got it back and now the Remote Control doesn't seem to be working. This was supposed to be a new product.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks for your input, Wolfshadw. I'll call around and see if I can get a deal at Best Buy.

    I was also considering the HD20. The HD20 seems to be much smaller and a bit cheaper. How happy have you been with your HD20? The reviews for the 8350 have been pretty positive - comparing the projector to the sharpness of an LCD tv. I've heard great things about the HD20. If the HD20 and the 8350 were the same price, which one would have have purchased?
  3. If the HD20 and the 8350 (new) were the same price, I would have gone with the 8350, hands down. I really wanted the Epson, but again, finances meant having to wait a few more weeks and I really wanted to get this project off the ground. For me, the final tipping point was the free (-$1 actually) universal ceiling mount Newegg offered with the Optoma HD20.

    I've only been able to watch one Blu-Ray on my HD20, since I got it back, but I was happily impressed with the image quality. Standard DVDs look about the same to my untrained eye. I'll know more after I watch a live football game in HD. Also, my remote control seems to be working normally, now.

    The Epson 8350 is a full four inches wider, three inches deeper and almost two inches taller than the Optoma HD20. It really is a monster. The HD20 has been out for quite some time now and it's actually been replaced by the HD33 (HD3D) as Optoma's entry level flagship model. It wouldn't surprise me to see the cost of the HD20 start to drop as we get closer to the holidays. However, if you have the patience that I lacked and the funds to go with the Epson, I'd probably stick with that idea.

    I can only imagine how much more impressed I would have been if I had waited for the Epson. To be honest, if I had seen that $999 deal on the Epson projector (now out of stock, btw), I probably would have jumped on it as well.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Thanks again for your response Wolfshadw. I may still go with the 8350, but the HD20 is tempting. I think my patience will only last a couple more weeks before I gotta make a decision. So I'll do my best to find the best deal. I think you gotta watch more blu-rays on your HD20 and enjoy your full HD projector!
  5. Absolutely, but that what this whole project was about: making the transition from DVDs to Blu-Ray. I only own one Blu-Ray disc. I've only had a Blu-Ray player in my HTPC for a week before getting my HD20. Now it's just a matter of switching my Netflix account to only Blu-Ray and making all future purchases Blu-Ray.

    I watched a bit of the World Series - Game One this evening; switching back and forth between Standard Digital and HD and I did see a significant difference.

    I know I'm not really helping you decide on the Epson 8350. Again, if the finances were there, I definitely would have gone that route. I'm happy with what I have, but I'll always wonder how much better it could have been.

    -Wolf sends
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