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I have a Gateway ZX6961. I have tried everything to get the touchscreen to work on 4 of these units. I have ordered the factory discs, and everything. These are from bestbuys private auction site and are said to be in working condition. Any suggestions?

I have installed facroty OS and updated fully, and messed with the pen and touch settings in control panel.
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  1. Do the following:

    1. Click Start
    2. Click Control Panel, and then 'Device Manager'
    3. Click 'Human Interface Devices'
    4. Tell me what all devices are listed under this section.
  2. Thank you for the reply. In device manager these are present.

    2x HID-compliant consumer control device
    2x HID-compliant device
    Microsoft Input Configuration Device
    3x USB Input Device

    Follow this link:

    1. On the right side of the page that loads, choose your operating system.
    2. Then, there will be a subsection 'USB', under which you ll see 'USB 3.0', download and install this file.
    3. Make sure you have system restore enabled in Windows.
  4. Ok, I did that and still nothing.
  5. Thanks for your response. I have decided to send the back RMA. I just find it hard to believe 4 in a row have done this. I'll still have them for a couple of more days if you have any other suggestions.
  6. Im out of suggestions jrol. Hope you get it fixed.
  7. Gateway ZX6961 Gateway ZX6000 series Gateway ZX touch not working SOLVED
    I know this is an old question, but I am going to post MY discovery on this problem for the next guy.
    My BestBuy unit, first one the touch did not function, worked fine. I am using it as a wall mount and a streaming Video/TV unit in my kitchen. I had a bit of a problem with my cable and the power flicked, and the thing had a boot error on the screen, could find a bootable drive. Wow! So I decided to quickly clone the drive, check it and/or replace it.
    In screwing around with drives, changing my mind and going to installing a Solid State drive for Windows and a second 2.5" disk type drive for data, the touch went away, then came back but really slow reacting, then away again. Swap drives back and it worked. Swapped again it didn't work. Restored Gateway System, still not working. So now I am tracing where the heck is the controller.
    My discovery?:
    They use a small ribbon cable into a connector, like ones use in laptops. The board connector for these type of ribbon cables usually have a latch on them to hold the ribbon in and down on the connections. But for some reason this one has black cloth tape over it with no other latch. The tape is the only thing keeping the connection.
    Removing the tape, sliding the ribbon out and reinserting it, re-tape it down and BINGO touch response returns. I have now slipped a thin shim in on top of the ribbon to press it down as the latches usually do and taped once again.

    If you want to get in there, flip the unit, face down, on the screen. you have to first remove the leg stand (4 screws each side). Now the back is just clipped together, so with a nylon pry tool, press the back panel down from the front panel and pry the tool in the seam and pry apart so the clips let going all around the case and it will come off.

    OK. to give orientation for the following, the bottom is the curved end, top end is straight.

    Remove the main, square, center cover by removing the two screws, one on the bottom and side. The cover comes off by sliding it towards the bottom. The Ribbon Cable involve is under the second rectangular cover over the drive cables, two screws on left side and slides off to the left. in the lower left corner on the bottom of the rectangular circuit board you will see the 1/2" wide ribbon coming through the structure and attaching to the board with black tape. RE-CONNECT IT. MORE TAPE.

    Hope It Helps
  8. Thanks. Yeah I never solved this and Only had to take one of the units apart and that was to change the HDD. Both of them came not working from bestbuy, and maybe they took them apart to replace something and didn't set it right (would not be suprised). I work with the guys that I sold them to, just sold them as non touchscreen units (lowered price). Maybe I can get one of them to bring it up and see if I can fix them. Thanks! And maybe I will try this. I ended up going through 5 of these and sending 3 of them back to BB.
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