I need to make the final decision!

Okey, hello people, this is my last topic questioning about this, basically i need a pair of studio monitors for high quality audio reproduction(and may be some movies and games) in my bedroom.(The music is always the priority, i love listening music with high quality)

I've been reading a lot and investigating and finally my decision is between those: (prices are from my country Argentina)
1)Buy a pair of KRK RP5G2 and a KRK 10S subwoofer u$s 1200
2)Buy a pair of KRK VXT4 and a KRK 10S subwoofer u$s 1450

The extra money for the VXT4 is worth? Is it clearly superior than the RP5G2 in highs and mids?

Another option is a pair of VXT8 for u$s 1450 or a RP8G2 for u$s 770 but i don't like too much an 8" woofer, it's very big and i can't put them on my desktop, lot of space and i prefer a subwoofer plus little woofer(4 or 5) because i can get better mids and better low end response.

I can't go with another monitors like genelec 8030, mackie hr 824mkii, adam a7 or dynaudio bm5a, jbl lsr series, and hi fi speakers with amps because they are in the price range of u$s 1800 to u$s 2000, impossible to me and i can't get a sub with those options because they are very very expensive.

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  1. OK, after about a month of reading a lot of forums and reviews in two weeks i'll buy a pair of KRK VXT4 and 10s Subwoofer.

    I considered that the VXT4 is superior than the entry level monitors(like Yamaha HS Series, KRK Rokits, Mackie MRs, Samson Rubicons, Behringers, M Audio, etc)

    And is good enough like the most popular and greatest monitors(like adam a7, dynaudio bm5a, genelec 8030). In my country these monitors are u$s 2000 a pair, and the VXT4 is u$s 800 the pair, so is a BIG difference and isn't worth.

    Plus i can add the subwoofer(u$s 700) to cover the low frequencies that these monitors can't cover, especially the VXT4.

    Plus the smaller woofer can cover better the mid frequencies than the 6" or 8" woofers.

    I am going to use the speakers as nearfields in my desktop sitting on my chair for listening music, and sometimes to watch some movies at about 2 meters of distance. So the RMS power is enough(i think).

    I am right in my conclusion? and thanks to all, very very useful all opinions,

    Regards and thanks again!!
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