'Who's the Daddy?..Intel or AMD??'

Looking to buy new PC primarily for gaming.
The one big question I need to have resolved is'which processor?'..Athlon 3200 or P4 3ghz?
Money is not a factor,I just want the best/fastest.
Also..is 512mb sufficent memory or is is worth upgrading to 1 gig for gaming?
Regarding monitor...I like the look of an 18inch TFT ,but have been told to get a 19inch CRT for games..,which would you suggest has better picture quality?
Graphics wise..either FX 5900 or R9800 pro will be my choice.
Would appreciate feedback..thanks.
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  1. Well, I think there is no discussion there. You should most definitely go with the P4 3.0Ghz on Canterwood - maybe the P4C800 Deluxe... If money is not a factor, then consider this (I´m not even going to bother writing down the prices) :smile:

    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 <b>3.0Ghz 800Mhz FSB</b> with HT

    Mobo: ASUS <b>P4C800 Deluxe</b> (with SATA RAID support)

    Memory: <b>2x512MB DDR400 (PC3200) from Corsair (CAS2</b> if you can get it) 1GB is to be on the safe side... 512MB would be enough, though. But if you want your rig to have a long life, 1GB is bound to help you a lot in the future.

    HD: 2xWD <b>Raptor</b> (36GB) SATA drives in <b>RAID 0</b>. Just my suggestion here, of course, but RAID 0 goes a long way to eliminate what is the worst bottleneck in PCs.

    Video Card: I´d go with <b>FX5900</b>... but both are fine choices.

    Monitor: I´d also go with the <b>19 inch CRT</b>... nothing quite beats the good ol' cathode ray tube in response time (and price).
  2. "Memory: 2x512MB DDR400 (PC3200) from Corsair (CAS2 if you can get it) 1GB is to be on the safe side... 512MB would be enough, though. But if you want your rig to have a long life, 1GB is bound to help you a lot in the future."

    I would get 2x256MB and maybe upgrade later to 1GB if you need it (You can put up to 4 modules in Canterwood mainboards). RAM prices should drop until than. I would by Infineon 3rd instead of Corsair. Thei are also available @ cl2, perform similar to Corsair, but are much cheaper (256MB modules cost about 10$ more than noname).

    AMD Athlon XP 2700+
    Epox 8rda+
    Thermaltake Volcano 7+
    2x256 MB PC2700
    Creative GeForce 4 Ti 4800 (4600 Chip)
    Chieftech Case
    WD 80GB/8MB HDD
    16x48 DVD-ROM
    20x10x32 Burner
  3. If you got the funds, get the 1GB now so you don't have to worry about upgrading in the future. Corsair's top recommendation for the canterwood chipset is two XMS PC3500 memory modules but PC3200 is also a good choice.

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  4. Quote:
    'Who's the Daddy?..Intel or AMD??'

    Funny story, Intel invented x86 and hired AMD in the 286 days to produce processors for them when they couldn't meet demand.

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  5. Wow Crashman that is the most accurate half-truth I have ever seen!! Intel is the daddy and Amd is the mommy and Intel has been trying to f___d Amd ever since

    Lets add a little more truth. Intel was commisioned to design an electronic device to meet certain perameters.
    When the owners of that technology could not make use of it,Intel bought it back. They did not have the ability to actually massproduce it, so they partnered with Amd. When the chip began to reach its potential, Intel dumped Amd and began producing themselves. When they couldn't produce enough ,they again turned to Amd. Amd used the profits from this to set up thier own R+D. If the two had been more willing to co-operate the war would have ended a long time ago. We would be lucky to have P3 1.2 gig now and would be paying $1000+ for each one.
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  6. No, if AMD was still producing CPU's for Intel, Cyrix would be the underdog and would never have gone out of business, nor been bought by VIA. In fact, VIA probably wouldn't even be making chipsets.

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  7. Cyrix probably would have been bought out in the 486 days,and with only one platform what need for someone else to make chipsets.
  8. As far as which chip to get go with Intel... I mean I love AMD to death, but when it comes to the who packs the true power Intel has AMD beat hands down. Now if you where looking to save some money I would go with AMD and just overclock the mother out of it. Now as for which Card to get go with the R9800 if you are looking for a good card as of right now because the FX 5900 isn't even out to the public yet and I haven't seen a release date as of yet. If your not looking to buy for a while I would sit back and watch some of the fighting going on in the Graphic Cards form and see who is really on top because the FX seiries has had alot brought agenst them in some areas and from what I can see the FX 5900 is better but not with out question. Just sit back and compare prices once its out if you really want to wait and watch to see if anything can be truely seen wrong with it if there is. And if there is these guys on the Form will defently find it. And if money isn't a problem go for as much ram as you can handle man.

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  9. I doubt it, Cyrix's only real competitor back then was AMD. If AMD was partnered with Intel, Cyrix would have had the budget market to itself.

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  10. Yah but Intel/amd would have bought them out for shares. Best deal for them all no competition and better R+D .
  11. If I remember correctly back in teh 486 days Cyrix invented its own chip from the ground up while AMD reverse engineered an Intel chip. AMD was sued by Intel, lost and was forced to pay a liscencing fee to Intel.

    Back in the 486 days Cyrix chips worked better than Intel, and they started doing the old PR marketing trick (labeling a 66 mHz CPU as 75 mHz). Course that all changed when Intel released the Pentium.

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  12. Cyrix had a GREAT 486 chip! The reason it was so fast was that it used write-back cache (as opposed to write-through). But when the Pentiums came out, something BAD happened at Cyrix. It's almost as though Cyrix took their good 486 and simply added support for new features, then called it a Pentium Replacement!

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