15" i5/i7 with a decent vid card?

Aloha, so I'm looking for a new notebook, my budget is around £850/$1300/€1000, and I'm in the UK. Here's what I'm looking for:

- 15" screen (I suppose 17" would work too but I'm not specifically looking for that)
- i5 or i7 processor
- Decent graphics card. By which I mean, I'm no gaming enthusiast, but I'd like the option to play the most recent games. It doesn't need to be a beast - I'm fine with switching down to medium settings.
- I'll only be using it in the house so weight/battery life aren't an issue
- windows 7

I've been looking at Dell's Studio 1557 and it's absolutely perfect in spec but for one thing - the 4570 graphics card seems a little weak. If only it was a 4670..

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!
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