BSOD with ntoskrnl.exe HELP PLEASE!

I've tried absolutely everything to try and fix this but nothing works. Maybe you guys can help me. Here's my minidump file.

Thank you :) i really appreciate it.
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  1. ..with bluescreenview you can analyze you own bsd

    you can download it in

    let's see your problem

    "The problem seems to be caused by the following file: ntoskrnl.exe


    with bccode: d6


    Running in save mode..
    try to clean all of your driver, graphics, sound and others using driver sweeper..

    and reinstall it using the newest driver available..

    other way:
    With system restore, try to roolback your system configuration to the last state before problem occurs..
  2. both of those methods dont work... i really dont want to have to reinstall windows... and i REALLY dont want to install windows 8. Thank you for your time tho
  3. Complete component of your rig will be help..

    do you have any add-on sound card attached..?
    if yes, remove it, uninstall the driver..

    Any virtual drive installed..?
    if yes then try to uninstall it..

    it's driver or hardware error related..
  4. Here are my specifications:

    GTX 670
    P8p67 3.1 MB
    samsung 830 SSD
    OCZ Solid 3 SSD
    2 Caviar blacks
    intel i7 2600k

    USB devices: Logitech cam, m-audio fast track c600, apple keyboard, tron mouse, WD external hard drive

    No add on sound card unless you count the c600. i uninstalled my virtual drive, still no change. I didnt make any changes to my system. This just randomly started happening. I cant apply any update/restart/sleep without getting a blue screen. Any other hits?
  5. what is your psu..?

    if you let your computer stay idle for a long time, did bsod still occur?
    or it was happening while you did something like load heavy programs..?

    how many memory stick do you have..?
    remove one of memory stick and see..
    if bsod still occur, change to the other stick..

    your memory maybe defective..

    if problem still hiren boot cd from this site..

    this is a live cd utility that you can run a operating system from your cd or thumb drive, not from your harddisk..

    run win xp from the cd, and computer stay idle for a long time or do any activities on it, any bsod still occur?
  6. My PSU is fine and the BSOD only happens when i try to restart/sleep/restart the computer. Memory is fine too. I ran the windows memory diagnostic utility. ALL of my hardware works on my mac side perfectly (hackintosh).
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