Razer Lycosa has stopped working

I'm currently typing with the on screen keyboard, so please excuse the grammar.

My lycosa didn't start up with my computer today, and is not taking any input at all. Also, the back lights for the keys are not coming on. I have tried it with other computers as well, with no luck. It has functioned perfectly the entire time I've had it, and was working fine last night when I shut down. I have installed the latest drivers, and as far as I can tell I have the latest firmware too. (2.02)

I would really appreciate feedback from anyone else who's had an issue like this, or any tips at all.
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    If it doesn't work with any computers, sounds like it died.
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  3. i have a similar problem with my lycosa. I can use the keyboard, but the touch panel just randomly quit working a couple of days ago.
  4. You should start your own thread for that.

    My guess would be, you need to reinstall the driver....Check the device manager.
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