Could this mess up my laptop?

i have an inspiron 1520. the original battery died and i bought a new third party one from amazon and that was cheap and died too. now i don't feel like wasting money on another one.

the problem is i use my inspiron alot on the bed and other places and i'm also never fully stationary with it. this causes the ac adapter wire to go loose and my computer crashes and shut down immediately since it has no battery. i have not seen any real damages yet ,aside from it just shutting down.

but in the long term, could this damage laptop? could it short circuit anything? i mean is there really a difference from it shutting off by disconnecting the ac adapter vs me pressing "shutdown" on windows xp, since they both do the same things? or does pressing shutdown on windows xp makes for a smooth shutdown and won't damage anything vs disconnecting ac adapter?

thanks in advance
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  1. There is a chance of getting corrupt system files if you pull the plug.

    By the way, we learn in A+ Certification class, to never use an aftermarket battery, or aftermarket A.C. adapter.

    The best way to shut down a P.C. is to, off the start menu, choose "shut down"
  2. Man, for recovery problems, just try a recovery software , you will be amazed about what that softwares cand do. I recommended you something in that link.

    If nothing is useful, try search google for recovery software.

    Have a good day!
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