HELP! CPU bad?

I could really use some advice. Recently I bought components for 2 computers:

Asus P4c800 mobo
Corsair XMS PC3200 512
2.4B P4 533
one powercolor 9700 non pro ATI card
used Visiontek Gforce3 on other computer (already had)
Antec True Power 480 supplies
WD 80gb SE ide hd

One of the computers has worked perfectly, the other reboots randomly, but more often when Im gaming. The error I get is this:

Machine Exception Check\
Error code 0000009c, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 8053f0f0, parameter3 cc0000ff, parameter4 20040189.

After all this happened, I discovered that my GF3 card was AGP 2, 3.3V only, which apparently is bad for use in the newer 845, 850, 865/75 boards. My thought was that I had fried my mobo, so I acquired a replacement MSI Neo board (865), but I get the same thing.

Think I fried the CPU? That's pretty much my only idea at this time. I've done every switching combo of parts between the two computers imaginable save switching the CPU.

This is getting very frustrating, especially given the near flawless operation of the other, orignially identical PC.

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  1. More info:

    I am not overclocking either of the systems.

    Running SiSoft Sandra benchmarks/stress tests did not result in any failures/reboots.
  2. I'm not much of an intel fan but here goes. It sounds more like a software problem. What games are we talking here, and do they run on the other system. Also run 3dmark 2k1 burn in then let us know. We asume win xp right?
  3. If you think its the cpu then switch the cpus over..
    more likely tho its your geforce3. switch the cards over and see if the fault moves with it
  4. XP Pro, sp1.

    I pretty much switched everythning back and forth except the cpus. I did try the 9700 on comp no 2, and got the same fault. The game I referenced was Dark Age of Camelot, which runs without problem on comp 1.
  5. ok then try switching the cpus over. also check in the bios and make sure that the agp setting are right for the graphics card
  6. i assume both comps use the same motherboard? try the geforce3 in the working computer.. this will tell ypou if its a compatibility problem
  7. Given the fact that manuals/information that came with the MSI Springdale board specfically state that you can damage the motherboard by putting a 3.3v Agp card in the slot.. I'm pretty reluctant to put the GF3 in the comp no 1.

    The Asus manual states that as well, you just have to look for it.

    Bios settings are good as far as I can see.. but I'll check again tonight.

    Originally yes, both had Asus P4C800. However yesterday I did obtain another motherboard to try to eliminate a blown mobo as the source of the problem. I did, while the Asus boards were in both, swap out ram, the ati card, everything I could to isolate the problem and couldn't isolate it as the RAM or Ati card. There are no other expansion cards in the computers.

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  8. Geforce 3 cards are AGP 4x/1.5v so this cannot be the problem. All cards back to the TNT2 were AGP 4x.

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  9. Not so sure, I believe some were AGP 2.0 spec and were 2/4x. I read in the Visiontek manual that came with the card, this card is 3.3V.

    I can't seem to find anywhere in Bios, or in the manuals for the 2 mobos on where to set AGP X version. There is no place to chose 4x/8x that i can find on the Asus P4C800 or the MSI NEO 865P.
  10. Some early cards were not 100% AGP4x compliant. Hercules had a GeForce2 MX which was AGP4x bus compliant but not AGP4x voltage compliant. And Diamond had TNT2's that required a jumper change for the voltage switch.

    But those are extremely old cards compared to the GeForce3 series, all of these should be 100% AGP4x compliant.

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  11. Run 3d mark burn in. That will eliminate a problem with your video ram. It sounds like a software problem. If the burn in runs fine do a clean install and check with the graphics forum as to the best detonator for your card. At this point unless you did clean installs each time you did a v card swap, I dont see how either puter could work very well.
  12. I recently swapped my geforce2pro for a powercolor R9700pro.
    Ive had considerable problems getting games to run without crashing back to the desktop or freezing. Traced it back pretty much to driver conflicts due to the previously installed Nvidia card.
    Best option is to completely reinstall windows from scratch. Nothing like a fresh OS.
    Then as you install programs and drivers you can test to see if the problem cropps up again.

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  13. do a clean install. as someone else suggested it sounds very much like a driver conflict/software problem
  14. UPDATE:

    On the os/software conflict.. I considered that a possibilty, but no software/driver event ever showed in the event viewer. Furthermore, I wasn't getting BSoD's, just instant soft reboots.

    Last night I tried swapping the Psupply, which didn't help. Finally the processor was swapped, and the machine ran with no crashes or reboots for several hours. Still hard for me to believe, but swap-isoloation testing points to a bad CPU.

  15. The CPU must've been damaged from the beginning then, you can't "fry" a P4.

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