Having HORRIBLE issues with my new computer :( plz helpp

i5 3470
asrock z77 extreme 4
Samsung 830series 256gb SSD

Okay since building my first ever computer the other night I have found 2 big issues. The first one is my computer isn't buffering youtube videos... It trys to but only buffers about 1 second of video for every 15seconds of buffering!!! I have installed and updated adobe flash so I don't believe it is that.

My other issue is EVERYTIME I turn on or shut off my computer, Windows installs updates. When I went and viewed the updates it showed a lot of them failed. So I'm guessing it just keeps trying to install the same ones? Normally when I start up my computer it takes about 14seconds to boot up. When it has updates it takes about 8minutes... I have no idea what to do about this but I really can't stand it anymore >< please help!

- Brittany
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  1. First thing you have to do is determine why updates are failing. Do a manual update and capture the error code/s.
  2. Windows update will fail if your using a pirated copy of Windows. You will have to turn off Windows update.
  3. Oh nope I just bought this one off of amazon. I manually installed them,shut off and turned on my computer and didn't do any updates!!! woohoo I hope there gone lol.

    Now for that other issue =/
  4. Have you tried Macromedia flash player? Sometimes Java can help with video.
  5. Not sure what macromedia flash player is. Is it better? Free?
  6. Are your drivers updated?
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