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Black screen after windows 7 boots

Computer HP touchsmart 600-1050

This just started happening today I reset the computer and the windows 7 load all the way through the logo then I heard the sound it makes when it logs you onto your desk stop except no display. I booted in safe mode it work then tried without and it black screen then I was able to turn the display on by hitting sleep the taking it out of sleep mode, I update all the drivers and still does the same thing any ideas?
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    Unfortunately, you can't usually change the resolution in Safe Mode but go in there any then press the Windows key and R together and into the Open box, type msconfig and press Enter.

    Click the BOOT.INI tab in teh form taht shows up and put a tick in the /BASEVIDEO box, click Apply and Ok your way out. Restart into Normal Mode, tick teh "Don't show this message again" box and hit Enter then you will probably see horrible 800 x 600 graphics but you should be able to change that in Display options then go back into System Configuration (msconfig() and remove the tick you put in earlier. One more restart into Normal Mode ought to do the trick.
  2. Thanks will try this tomorrow as im dead tired at 12:41 am
  3. JohnnyBoy31, this thread is nearly three years old and the OP has probably found a fix by now.

    It's best to confine your advice to threads where the last post was no older than two months.

    Closing time for this one now, methinks.
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