I need information on upgrading specific CPU

My motherboard supports a SECC 2 slot. Which holds a Pentium 3 cartidge with a 100 mhz bus.

Well I wanted to get a Pentium 1.0 ghz cartidge but they are very expensive.

Well I found this item


That can use FCPGA Pentium 3 chip and convert them to
slot 1. So is this device compatible with my SECC 2 motherboard?

Also can I use 133 mhz bus CPU's on my 100 mhz bus motherboard? Also if possible is there a maximum Clockspeed for the CPU I can use or can I pick any Pentium 3 FCPGA even a 1.26 ghz one?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The information you provided on your board is almost meaningless when it comes to knowing what processors will be supported, due to issues like VRM and possible bus speed overclocking. You should simply provide a board manufacterer name and model number instead.

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  2. Hi Crashman You did such a great job of explaining this stuff in the faq in "motherboards and chipsets". Why didn't you steer him there.
  3. Sorry.

    Here are the specs of my motherboard:


    Thanks in advance.
  4. You could use a cheap slotket and a PIII 850 Socket 370. You could use the more rare PIII 900 also. Or the 100MHz version of the PIII 1000, which is rare (often found in limited quantities at Compgeeks).

    It supports SEPP, SECC, and SECC2 processors as well as Slotkets. You could in fact run an Upgradeware Slot-T adapter, which allows you to use Cellerons up to 1.4GHz! See the compatability tables at <A HREF="http://www.upgradeware.com/english/product/slot-t/compatibility.htm" target="_new">http://www.upgradeware.com/english/product/slot-t/compatibility.htm</A>

    You should find out if your board has BIOS settings for a 133MHz FSB. I believe there is. That would allow you to run the more common 133MHz FSB PIII-1000EB, or to overclock a Tualatin Celeron 1100 to 1466MHz on the Upgradeware Slot-T adapter.

    For Tualatin Celerons, an 1100@1466 is far faster than a 1400 because of the higher bus speed.

    So I suggest either a Tualatin Celeron 1100@1466, or 1400, depending on your BIOS options. Either requires a Slot-T adapter for compatability.

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  5. Thank you but what is more faster a Celeron 1.4 ghz Tutalon or a Pentium 3 1.0 ghz?
  6. A Celeron 1.4GHz is marginally faster than a PIII 1000EB (the 133MHz version), much faster than a PIII 1000E (the rare 100MHz version), and much cheaper than either.

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