How do i install av mode into sonys driver?

Someone please help! I recently purchase a used Sony VGN-CS204J the original owner upgraded the OS from Windows Vista to Window's Home Premium but she was not able to get into sony's esupport to install the AV Mode. I've entered the esupport but found my self a bit confused when i went into the "Software & Drivers tab" it wanted to know if the windows 7 was a 64bit? Another problem i find my self on I'm not sure what steps to take to properly install the AV Mode so i can get the Capture button along with the remainder AV Mode functions to work since they are currently not working. :( I did not see were on the esupport site it would give me download/install AV Mode? Someone please help!? :cry:
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  1. Right click on the Computer icon on your desktop and goto properties. It will tell you what windows version you have. Some lines down it tells you if it's 32bit or 64bit.
  2. I see it! :o The OS is a Windows 7 64bit. Thank you! Now I'm still not sure how do i go about installing the AV Mode into the driver through the Sony esupport web site?
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