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i recenly changed my hard drive now i have been told i have to tattoo my hard drive how do i do this ,i have master dvd from packard bell but thats all i have.
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  1. Someone told you a lie. There no such thing as tattooing a hard drive. You can clone you hard drive, or format it and reinstall your OS.

    You could get a tattoo of it on your arm if you like.
  2. hi daship, the problem is i done a complete restore back to factory settings, after doing so i coud'nt boot up with master dvd from packard bell, after phoning help line they told me it was my hard drive was at fault so i replaced it but the same thing happend now i have to use the system restore disc to "image" my hard drive but i dont know how to, when i boot up it brings up another window with a list of programes with check boxs if select box it asks to validate code,
  3. :lol: Go for it, tattoo your hard drive and let us know how it turns out :lol:

    Seriously though, just follow the instructions on the system restore disk. Just click next till it does something to your hard drive, which will hopefully be placing the image stored on the disk onto your hard drive.
  4. well i have a packard bell imedia desktop and have just had to replace the tatoo before i could boot from master cd packard bell have the tatoo codes and are loaded onto the computer to distinguish the software for that machine only it cant be transfered to another machine neither can your machine be reloaded with the software without the tatoo codes
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