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Hey there everyone!

I am going ahead with a new HTPC build for my living room. I have all the components at hand but i can't seem to choose between the various makers of home theater system solutions.

Approximate purchase date : in less than a month

Projected cost : 200~250 UK pounds

Speakers setup : 5.1~7.1 (I'd like a 5.1 channel system, but most of the movie content i dwnld are in 2 or 6 channel>i'm open to suggestions on that)

Size : Compact, wall mountable and not over (could have the rear 2 speakers on stands)

I/O : should be able to handle coaxial and/or optical audio from a SupremeFX X-Fi or a Gigabyte H55m-USB3

One other issue i'm boggled with, do i need a amp/receiver for the setup? I'll only have my HTPC to do ALL my media needs.

I'd also appreciate it if you guys can guide my purchases on uk sites. Preferably, or any site that is favourable.

Thank you all for your time.
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  1. 250£ you are probably best off with integrated multimedia speakers, i.e., Logitech Z-5500.
  2. but i'm going through and i can find home theatre systems from Panasonic, Sony and BOSE.

    Ok, then how much would i need to go ? :) I suppose i should go out in style with my living room :D

    Edit: I've been looking around amazon and stumbled across this and I've been reading its review and connectivity options

    what dya think?
  3. Quote:
    do i need a amp/receiver for the setup? I'll only have my HTPC to do ALL my media needs.
  4. So you don't play video games, sing karaoke, play SACDs, or watch HDTV? In that case all you need are computer speakers, since you only need 1 input, ever.
  5. PUN noted :P actually, the family don't do all of the above.

    I live in Bangladesh.We watch movies, watch Tv on a Panasonic 43 inch projector tv and haven't moved out of video coaxial input.

    I have a relative in Uk, thats why I suggested to look within their sites. I have a rig dedicated to gaming, and that has a 4 point surround sound solution ( also cos the room is small) and am happy with its setup.

    The living room however, is alot larger, but I'm deciding to go with a 5.1 setup, and I hope to keep it enjoyable for my folks. You know how old folks are with having too many remotes in one room :P ?

    Watching HDTV is all they'll do. Me and my lil' bro will watch downloaded tv shows and movies via the HTPC.

    I'm not stubborn on buying the pioneer setup, I'm wondering whether I need such a high end system when I'll be able to use only 30% of its features. I believe , that anything I'll purchase isn't overly packed with features.
  6. Unless you build a surround system setup with your own pieces, I won't even begin to call it high end.
  7. OK, I'll go ahead with the onkyo reciever, but the speakers could be something different. I'm not a fan of huge speakers.I'd more like to take satellite speakers kinda like the ones BOSE offer.
  8. Then you should get used to subtitles :)
  9. :D seriously, some suggestions on smaller form factor speakers
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    At your price range, it is not easy to find a better product than what you already found. The Z5500 will sound louder due to its bass and it's hard to beat when you use its decoder for movies any system at its price range. On music, the Pioneer HTS may sound better if you do not crank the volume pass 70%.

    Another option is this one but that'll go over your budget.
  11. I'll go with the one i dug up :) thanks for a lil steer!
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