Toshiba Laptop - nearly new device getting far to hot and burned casing

maybe this is a stupid question. but still need to research. a client of mine send me a laptop which looks fairly new to me. [ 5 month old ] she told me that after she switched on the Laptop - she put a live CD in to make a anti virus check.

my client went to the rest room to take a shower and let the virus scan run.

after she come back - the laptop is so hot that she immediately needs to switch them off.
plastic on the palm rest is burned and when switching on the device the air what comes out of the fan grill smells burned too.

here in Asia the guaranty will not cover a new item which looks like burned - they just telling me - sorry looks like burned from outside.

any suggestions what should i do first - or what is the best way for claiming a warranty issue like that.
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  1. picture i can publish too - model is in front of me -

    it looks for me like a mark from a cigarette - but i opened the screws - take out the CD rom and there is also a brown mark on the corner that indicates hot temperatures.

    i find nothing underneath except the right button for the build in touch pad and the CD rom.

    the model is a satellite u400 model no: PSU4FL-002001 purchased 3th of August 2009.

    the air what come out of the fan grill smells like burned plastic - after a first try.
    a smell test and a surface test on the burning mark on the palm rest - bring up nothing. no burning sign from outside [ like black parts ] and also no nicotine smell. [ as non smoker ]

    thank you for your help
  2. i would love too - right now they refuse to take it.
    if this goes much longer then i will bring this issue direct to Toshiba.

    thank you for the reply. i will post any updates here in the thread.

  3. funny situation

    - a call back request connected me with the Singapore call center.
    after telling him the situation he answered me: a to hot and burned case of a laptop is not covered by international warranty by Toshiba.

    After explaining him that i will switch on the device now - record everything via DVD-Camera until the unit is gone [burned] and send the movie to the international press and media. he finally managed to give me the Service Center phone number from Jakarta / Indonesia.
  4. Quote:
    Personally I now will never purchase anything from Toshiba. If they wont replace your unit, send them a link to this page. They will lose far more from bad press than they will replacing your laptop.

    I had to do this with Sunbeamtech. I had to call them out and post bad reviews on Newegg. I then sent them the link and told them they are going to lose 100's of sales.

    did you solve your issue - with sending them the link ? or post your problems by newegg ?

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