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Gaming Desktop for 1200 prebuilt

hey there, i am looking for a prebuilt gaming desktop for around $1200, and seeing as i do not posses the required skills to build one myself, i have decided to go for a prebuilt model.
i was wondering what would get me the best band for my buck, right now i am looking at the alienware x51 with:
16Gb RAM
1.5 Gb video memory
gtx 660 video card
1 Tb hard drive

the software is not a price issue for me, but i was wondering if there are any better deals than this right now.
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    An alternative would be that you buy the parts, go to a local store or why not ask friend or someone you know to build it for you; this way you know what you have and get better value for money.

    Intel LGA 1155 - 120 samsung 840 ssd, cpu water cooler, Define R4, a very nice case, psu that is very effective, and windows 7 64bit. You can change the 7870 TX to 7950 or/and to an i5-2500K/i5-3570K.

    I hope this helps.
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