Yamaha HTR-3063 Receiver, cant get any sound from hdmi

Hey guys, I recently bought the htr-3063 home theatre in a box as a secondary system for gaming, last night I set it up and hooked up my xbox 360 to it via hdmi and it worked perfect. today when I went to use it there was no sound via hdmi. I can get picture but there is no sound. I have tried going in to options to check that the proper audio source is selected and it is. I have tried different cables, different video sources,doesn't matter I cant get any audio from HDMI on my receiver. The tuner works fine, as does composite cables. But for some reason the audio on the hdmi has stopped working. (again, it did work last night which i find completely weird)

has anyone run into similar problems with their systems? anyone know how I can fix this? Of course i bought this from best buy and no one there knows how to fix it...

any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Make sure hdmi is not set to passthrough mode on the receiver.
  2. hi thanks for the reply,i did check this and everything seems to be right. i am going to contact best buy tomorrow and see what they say
  3. Hi,

    I have the same problem with my HTR-3063 receiver.
    It worked fine and now .... no sound thru hdmi anymore ...

    Do you have a solution for this problem yet ?

    many thanks !
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