good company? good comp?

Hey guys, im in need of a new comp and ive got about 1500-1600 $ to spend, and i dont want to build my own comp (ill prolly mess it up or something). Well, my friend referred me to to go and price up a comp(by the way, has any1 bought from them before?? if so are they reliable??) and here is what i came up with.

ICUE CX-2628 Mid Tower ATX Case with 350Watts Power Supply -
Asus A7N8X Deluxe nForce2 Chipset | 6 USB 2.0, ata133, 8X AGP, 400MHz fsb, LAN
Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB DDR DVI/TV 8X AGP
AMD Athlon XP 2800+/333 FSB Barton
Dynatron High-End Microfin Cooler w/ 5300 RPM Fan
Corsair DDR400 512MB PC-3200 C2 XMS (2 pieces of this)
Seagate 120GB 7200rpm SERIAL ATA Barracuda
LITE-ON 16x DVD 48x CD-ROM Drive (Black)
Lite On 52x24x52 CD-RW Black
Creative Inspire Dolby 5.1 5200 5 Speakers w/Subwoofer

and it comes with some games, Microsoft Works 7.0, Microsoft XP home, and a wireless mouse and keyboard.
I didnt get a monitor because i have a 17 inch flag panel at home already.

This priced up to 1625$, hows it sound???

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  1. AbsPC is definetly a great company. The parent company of NewEgg.

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  2. How does the price sound?? Is it a good deal? If not what are some other good companies?
  3. * Looks like a good price to me.

    * May want to also check out <A HREF="" target="_new">Monarch Computer</A>. They have a lot of flexability with their custom configurator. One of the top resellers.

    <b><font color=blue>I agree with that solution ... because it is a logical one.</font color=blue></b>
  4. Also up for more comments/suggestions if any1 else has bought from abs, or knows of a better price.

  5. I have never shopped their, but that looks like a great price. You wouldn't be able to do it for much cheaper on your own, not to mention the time and inevitable heartache it would be to build it yourself.

    But then again the experience would be worth something. Ah F it - just buy it. And buy me one too dammit. Good day.

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  6. I got bored, so i went and priced up a comp with an Intel Processor instead. Here is what i got.

    Apacer Handy Drive 128MB USB Flash Hard Drive - RETAIL (FREE)
    ANTEC Performance PLUSVIEW LE (Limited Edition) Model PLUSVIEW1000AMG LE - with Side Window Snap-On(case)
    COOLER MASTER TLF-R82 (TLF-R82-E1) ( Purple )Neon L.E.D. Fan. Size: 80 x 80 x 25 mm. 4 LEDs implemen
    Allied TRUE 450W Power Supply AL-B450EATX w/ Two Fans
    Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000Pro, Intel 865PE chipset Springdale for Intel P4 ATX motherboard Retail
    Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz 512k 800MHz FSB | socket 478 w/ Hyper Threading Technology
    Intel Original CPU fan for Socket 478 Processor
    Corsair DDR400 512MB PC-3200 C2 XMS | (extreme memory speed series) 2 PIECES
    Seagate 120GB 7200rpm SERIAL ATA Barracuda | ST3120026AS - OEM
    Sapphire Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB DVI/TV 8X AGP | (powered by ATI)

    And a cd burner and dvd rom, this was without microsoft works.

    Came out to 1600$ (Also from ABS)

    Would you guys recomend this computer over the original setup i posted, why or why not?
  7. The Intel configuration is the better deal. The performance should be better, the power supply is better, I like the case more, and its more future proof.

    Edit - I don't see any speakers in the Intel configuration? Forget to add them?

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  8. Woops, yea i forgot to add them, they are the same speakers in the above AMD configuration.

    Anything you would seriously change in the intel setup?? Also any more opinions on which system will yield better performance?
  9. Get the intel one, AMD has really fallen behind and for now i would recommend the Intel setup
  10. The Intel system would most definitely yield better performance, no question there. Absolutely. The 2.8C is even a match for the XP3200!

    Boy, I envy you :smile: ... I´d like to buy such a system... I wouldn´t change a thing.
  11. 2.8C, is that Celeron or something?? lol, tech newbie here.
  12. 2.8C = 2.8GHz Pentium4 with 800MHz FSB and Hyperthreading

    <b><font color=blue>I agree with that solution ... because it is a logical one.</font color=blue></b>
  13. the letter basically shows how recent the core is:
    2.8C = 2.8Ghz & 800FSB
    2.8B = 2.8Ghz & 533FSB

    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
  14. one last thing :)
    How much can i easily overclock the 2.8C to? without messing too much with the system, or making it overheat or, having to add extra cooling.
  15. You can OC that processor with the stock heatsink and fan to about 3.05 at the least.

    I would say go with the Intel definetly over the AMD.

    Instead of that allied Power supply i would try to get a Antec or a enermax because they are more reliable for OC'ing and with all that nifty hardware it would probably short out really quick.

    Regarding that Sapphire 9800 Pro i would try to get the Hercules 9800 Pro. They are very comparable in price and you get a whole lot more of the Hercules instead of the Sapphire. The Hercules has really good heatsink on the GPU and theres one on the back side of the board and theres heatsinks on the memory and the PS(i think).
    Sounds like a mean rig.

  16. Unfortunately, the only Power Supply offered with that computer is the Allied one, or i could go with the default case that already has a 350w Power Supply, i figured the Allied would be better. Also, when i look at the list for the vid cards i can add to my PC, there is no Hercules one :(, just the Sapphire. Im doing from by the way...does anyone know any website that allows more customization, but is still reliable and has decent prices?
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