Looking for GOOD looks/performance 2.1 speaker system

Hey guys, my friend and I will be putting together a PC soon here, and we're looking for a 2.1 surround sound speaker system, maybe even 5.1 if it's not too expensive

It needs to LOOK nice, we wanna stay AWAY from the plastic square looking design, we'd like a nice design

So go ahead and sound off, all recommendations are welcome
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  1. The Logitech Z-Cinema looks pretty decent IMO.
  2. Quite pricy for a 2.1 system man... We don't need a whole freakin remote
  3. It's only $90 at buydirect.com

    And I disagree, even retail ($299) is not very high for a decor-friendly system.
  4. I got a great 2.1 speaker system for 40 bucks... and even if it's 90, we still dont like the design
  5. What did you get?
  6. It was a Sicuro RW-360XL but they no longer make them, they were used. We just want a brand new one that's out right now, obviously I would've gotten him that if they were still available, and don't go looking for them and suggest them to me, I know they have new ones, but they're more expensive and green

    We don't want the speakers I have
  7. Those things are mortifying.
  8. I didn't really ask for your opinion on my speakers, Im asking for recommendations, so if you dont want to help, feel free to bug off
  9. Whatever.
  10. You said yourself "all recommendations welcome" and then turn into a half tard moron, qq'ing like you're bleeding from your vag.

    Only an idiot thinks a 40 dollar 2.1 speaker system sounds "great" when they have no idea what to even listen for.

    I bet the system you're building is garbage anyways.
  11. oh cmon... $40??? thats like around about £25 here in uk... that will get u nothing here.
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