Computer will not boot/stay on

Hi, I am simply going to describe what my situation is since I have no idea what the problem is.

Okay, up until two days ago, my computer worked just fine. It stayed on for weeks/months at a time and was only rebooted to accomodate Windows XP's never ending security updates.

And then I had to move into my dormitory. The computer at first booted up and even loaded Windows XP. The computer at this point is set up with the following:

Asus GeForce4 Ti-4400
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Abit AT-7 Motherboard
Pioneer A-04 DVD-R
Pioneer (don't remember model) DVD-ROM
Seagate 30 gig HD (boot drive)
WD 800JB
WD 1000JB
WD 2000JB (the last three are strictly storage)
Netgear (ethernet card)

BUt as soon as I whir up the DVD drives (play game or DVD) it restarts itself. Even if I leave it alone, it reboots itself. Thinking some cables might be loose, I reconnected everything and made sure the board isn't in contact with the case. Reboot. BIOS doesn't post. I panicked... then calmed and reconnected again... this time very carefully. Reboot, as soon as WinXP gets past disk check, computer restarts itself. And at this time, I noticed my monitor was flickering. (the way TVs flicker when shown on camera). I know the monitor is fine because I plugged it into my laptop and the image quality was as superb as always. At first I thought the power supply (Enermax 423 watt model) might have been damaged and is leaking power (hence interfering with the video signal). So I plugged in another power supply (an Enermax 550... almost brand new). Same thing happens. Reformatting the HD did nothing to help the situation. I even tried using a different boot disk, it was no go. Indeed, they all stopped at the same place. When I try to boot safe mode, it resets after/while loading amdagp.sys. I tried different sticks of RAM too... one Crucial, one Viking, and one Corsair XMS. The problem persisted. I tried swapping the other components as well (ATI Radeon 7500 AIW for GF4... onboard sound for Sound Blaster Audigy 2 platinum, a Realtek Ethernet card for the Netgear) Occasionally, the system got into windows, but most of the time, it simply reboots after disk check. Sometimes it doesn't even post BIOS.

So... at this point I swapped my old EPOX 8K7A mb for the Abit-AT7. This time, it does not reboot itself. However, the system gets permanently stuck trying to load amdagp.sys (or it finishes loading it but can't get furhter?)

Frustrated, I decided to simply replace as many components as possible. As it turned out, I had a spare of everything except the CPU.

Now the setup is:
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
AMD 2000+
Seagate 30 gb hd (the boot drive)
(other drives are unplugged now so I can be sure they aren't causing the problem)
ATI Radeon 7500 AIW.
Highpoint Rocket 133 (I put this in so I have enough IDE channels... but computer restarts at the same place with or without it.)
Corsair PC 4200 CL 2.0 XMS 512mb ram.
Now... Windows XP doesn't even get to disk check... it restarts as soon as I see a ghost of the WinXP logo. It restarts so quickly after that the monitor doesn't even have time to charge the tubes to show the logo clearly.

Well... That's my story... basically, the problem comes down to... Do you guys think it's the CPU? Oh, just in case you wondering, I reapplied Arctic Silver thermal compound everytime I changed motherboard.
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  1. disconnect every thing. boot with only the boot hard drive, one stick of ram, keyboard, video card, psu, mobo, and cpu. set the default options in the bios and see what happens.

    do you use a surge protector? if you know how to work an ohmmeter, i suggest you check the ac current in the wall outlet.

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  2. I have tried to boot the computer as stripped as possible and the problem persists.

    I am using a surge protected rated for 2500 joules or so. Unfortunately, I do not have an ohmmeter...
  3. take your pc ans try it some place else. you have pretty much done every thing there is to try but for a different cpu. see if you can take your pc and try it at some other place.

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  4. went home (dorm is almost literally in my house's backyard) same thing... My new CPU will be here tomorrow =/ I was saving up for a faster CPU but now I can only afford a 2400 tbred =(
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