Who know this device??? 5.1 Sound Decoder Audio Decoder HD Audio Rush

I found this from google. i want to use it for my ps3 and xbox 360 , how do you think about it?

Item Condition: Brand New with retail package.

AC3/DTS Digital audio decoder 5.1 AUDIO GEAR DECODER

Basic Function:DTS/AC-3 Audio Decoder

What is it for:
Special design for the amplifier which is without fiber and coaxial function.


1.Transfer the DTS/AC-3 digital signal data into 5.1 sound track output.
2.Transfer the stereo(R/L) audio signal data into 5.1 sound track out put.
3.Two SPDIF input, one coaxial input, one sterero input,Perfect solution for your HDTV player, xbox 360 , ps3, ps2, dm500s,dm800HD etc.
4.One button to switch mode, simple to operate.
5.Auto detect AC3、DTS、PCM digital audio siganl, decode format:Dolby Digital EX、DTS-ES、Dolby Pro Logic II、DTS、AC3,Dolby Digital.

7.stereo separate degree:80db(1KHZ)
8.Noise output frequency:200uV
9.Simulate output frequency:2.2V

1.input:SPDIF1, SPDIF2, coaxial, stereo AUX
2.output:CEN,SW,FL,FR,SL,SR, USB

Product advantage:
1.Multiple input port : fiber,coaxial , simulate audio
2.Adopt the most advanced audio decoder chip ,support DTS/AC3
3.High compatibility:Suppot Network player,HDTV DVD player,blue rayDVD,DVD,SP3,XBOX360,DM500S,DM800HD ETC.
4.Cabinet and best quality,Plug and play ,Small size.

The comment from other customer:

Please Note: The packing and power adapter may be changed by the factory.This picture is for your reference.

If you are from Europe this plug will be as free gift for you. ( But this plug is not in regular stock, if we have we will offer it to you, if out of stock it will not be come with the decoder.)

The package of the decoder should be changed by the factory so the following picture is for your reference only.

What is the the package:

1. High Quality Optical Fiber Cable×1
2. 5.1 AUDIO GEAR Decoder ×1
3. 110-240V input Power adapter ×1
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  1. Hello Mister 2 posts. You remind me of some Asus salesmen creating multiple accounts and having conversations with each other about how great their products are.
  2. Hello friends:

    AC3/DTS Digital audio decoder 5.1 AUDIO GEAR DECODER

    can please tell me this item will does support both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio signals to 5.1 speakers and it should automatically decode and encodes itself for DTS and dolby digital 5.1 audio signals. i need this unit should support both DTS and dolby digital 5.1 output to 5.1 analog speakers. I have heard from someone that the quality of audio is bad and poorer in bass of subwoofer and there is no bass in subwoofer. i am trying to buy this new product from country china. Do u recommend me to buy this product 5.1 Audio Gear Digital Audio Decoder or not. I am using this for to connect my samsung tv -> 5.1 Audio Gear Digital Audio Decoder -> my logitech x-540 speakers. I think if your subwoofer bass is bad audio and poorer i won't buy this product it all. Is this idea will work. Do u know new updated version of this product 5.1 Audio Gear Digital Audio Decoder like for example apple iphone 3 to later released new updated apple phone 4, 4s, 5 etc. I am looking new product from chinese manufactures. Do u know anything about this.
    Is this product I am looking is an updated new version or older version of this product. I need more advanced features of this product. I have recently heard from my friends they said the manufacturer of this product had released a new updated version of this product.

    Please e-mail to me
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