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Since I'm getting a top end graphics card I want a screen that's able to display a top end resolution (2560x1600), but 30" seems a bit too big, are there any smaller 2560x1600 screens?

The max I'm willing to spend on a screen is £500.

I was thinking of getting the Acer GD24HQ because of it's high resolution, 120hz, exceptionally high response time and design, it was also only £300 and the reviews I read showed it's colour/contrast wern't bad either.

But it's been delayed so long (4 months now) my interests are drifting elsewhere.
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  1. Im sorry there isn't any 2560x1600 screen shot of 30", It isn't too big at all.

    Also im afriad you won't be able to get a 2560x1600 screen without dropping at least $1000 USD. Im not sure how pricing works in the UK but I assume more expensive?

    Dell has the U2711 at 27" with 2560x1440 which is closer to what you are looking for. But that cost $1000 USD which is out of your budget unfortunately.

    There aren't any big screens with cheap TN panels. So the prices are expensive because they are all IPS panels which has the necessary viewing angle and with that comes with amazing colour.

    The Acer GD24HQ is a TN panel.
    The color is only average at 72% of NTSC.
    Contrast ratio is 1000:1 like any other LCD
    Response time is good
    What you are really paying for is 120hz. The price is quite steep for the refresh rate.

    Unless you want 3D, I wouldn't go for it. It isn't going to make motion all that fluid. 60hz is already a lot. Your eyes would have a hard time perceiving the extra refresh. It won't seem 2x as smooth but it would be smoother. Move your hand infront of your face you can see some bluring if you move even moderarely fast.

    So if you are into 3D; go for it. If you are not, then a dell ultrasharp with the better colour and viewing angle would seem better.
  2. 2560x1600 works better with Eyefinity (3 monitors). If you have a 5xxx series ATI gpu, it would be better for you to use the £500 fro 3 good monitors.
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