Ok, I got:

Abit IC7
AIW R9700 Pro
an Antec case with truepower 430 watt
120gb WD
some sony 16x dvd drive
some sony floppy
2x512mb kingston hyperx pc3500 ram
some cheap belkin nci card, which I only put in the PCI slot but didn't connect the power cable(where the heck is the power for the pci device on this board anyways~!)

I tried my best t put them together and when I try to boot up, it will keep giving off this "bee-boo-bee-boo" sound non-stop then after 5 sec or so it will shut down. Damn it! What is wrong!? Could it be that I connected the cables wrong or something? I connected that really thick cable from the PSU to the motherboard. Then connected the fans to the cables with "FAN ONLY", and I connected the 9700 pro to one of the cables, and then at the other to the harddrive. The board comes with round cables. I connected the floppy one to the floppy and then to the mobo, this I did correctly. I also connected the IDE cable to the DVD drive(master end) to the HD(slave) then to the motherboard's 1st IDE slot. Can anybody help me!? I didn't set any jumpers for the HDD because I don't know how to nor do I know where are they! Somebody help me! This rig cost me 2k and it would suck to not being able to run it :(
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  1. dude please dont kill your mother board lol . Sounds like you diden,t install your ram right read your manual well make sure the heatsink fan is conected if, you already have the motherboard in the case and everything is 90% installed then I might sugest taking it to your local computer dealer to finish the build for $20.00 most will give it back to you in 20 min. The best way to learn how to build stuff it to take apart and re asemble a old crappy box like a p75 so if you kill it it only puts you out $15.00.....good luck
  2. when you get that sound, it's probably an important aspect of your sytem like the RAM mentioned above, and not optical devices.

    Try this:
    Do not connect ANY optical devices. Just use:
    CDROM for Windows bootup.

    That is your most simple computer system, so just try that first. Oh, and PCI does not need a PWR connector BTW.... What kind of HSF are you using??

    You probably weren't able to get into the BIOS, but when you boot up again, make sure you set up the BIOs FIRST.
  3. Hi mega. Okay you seem to be saying that you dont know how to set your harddrive to slave. That could cause the warning you hear. With wd harddrives the jumper is usually next to where you plug power in. I dont know for sure but I believe the jumper should go up and down on pins 3 + 4.They will be the second pins over from the power connector. You can verify this by looking on the top of the harddrive.
    When you put in the ram, did the holding clips close themselves tight? If they did your ram is fine. Is the video card in so that at the bottom all the copper traces stick out the same. Did the cpu go in easily? Is the hsf mounted firmly? My guess is you are cleared for takeoff.If you still have problems come on back .
  4. Hi!

    Some of your parts could be faulty right out of the box.

    But please try this:

    Only connect the mobo, ram, cpu (withheatsink and fan :smile: ) and the Videocard and the keyboard and the monitor. No HD, Cdrom, floppy soundcard, etc etc.

    If you still hear that beep etc etc. Then something is faulty/wrongly insertead. Then try to switch your memory and/ or videocard in another computer if possible. Else return the goods to the shop!


  5. Hmm read your post again and realized that you dont mention the special P4 power cable (its square with 4 connectors) this also MUST be insertead from the PSU to the motherboard. So there should be 2 cables from the PSU to the motherboard.


  6. Also check your mother board manual to know the meaning of the beeps. They got different beeps for different problems and it should all be listed in the mobo user guide
  7. The 9700 PRO has a power connector, right? Make sure the graphics card is seated correctly in the AGP port and that it's plugged in to the power supply, and if you think it's plugged in, try a different power connector. If you plugged it into one of the FAN ONLY connectors for power, or if it's dove-tailed with one of those fan only power connectors, the graphics card won't power up and the system won't post. If that power connector isn't plugged in and plugged in correctly, your system won't boot. I had that happen during my build, (I have the exact same power supply)and I tried a different power connector and it worked fine.

    Also, take out that NIC and don't reinstall it until you get the system to boot correctly and get all the motherboard drivers installed. Doesn't your motherboard have onboard ethernet controller? If so, you don't need the PCI card... Also, I don't understand the question about PCI power connector. A PCI NIC card shouldn't need a power connector. It gets its power from the PCI slot.

    Generally, the most common things that will keep a computer from posting are: Incorrectly installed or faulty RAM; Incorrectly installed or faulty grahpics card, incorrectly installed (difficult mistake to make) or faulty CPU, or a defective motherboard or power supply. The beeping sound means it's probably graphics card or RAM. I would lean graphics card first, since the ATI cards are picky about their power source and won't boot without being powered. Like I said, the Antec TruePower 430W has those FAN ONLY connectors, and they don't work right being plugged into other components, and you can't split a power connection off of them...

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  9. The beeboobeeboo code is a CPU error, so its something to do with that. Perhaps you forgot the 12v aux connector, or the mobo isnt sensing rpms from the fan? Anyway thats a cpu error

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