Thinkpad T60 hard drive

I am wanting to upgrade my hard drive in my Thankpad T60. Do I need to replace it with a specific type, or will any manufacturer with the proper interface and such be acceptable? I looked in the Lenovo website and am still unsure.

I appreciate any help.
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  1. I would send Lenovo's tech a direct question as well as hoping someone here knows. Hard drives are pretty generic -- but you never know what proprietary nonsense laptop makers will get up to.
  2. Any SATA hard drive should fit - you shouldn't have problems up to 320gb I think
    The interface problem is usally only the hard drive frame/connector - but since you have one in your laptop already you just have to replace the old one in it

    you can also add second HD through an ultrabay adapter (swichable with dvd drive)
  3. I thank you both very much. :)
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