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I have my computer connected to a 7.1 AVR which I am currently looking for the right amplifier for my JL Audio 10W6v2-D4 2 ohm subwoofer that I plan to use in my home surround sound. I have all my other speakers connected which include Bowers and Wilkins (4) towers and (1) center Channel, and (2) boston acuoustics bookshelf speakers for the rears. I have wanted to move this car subwoofer into the home and find a way to power this subwoofer that has the output of 2 Ohms around 250-600 watts. Any help would be great. I have looked at recomendations like O Audio (Bash), and Dayton products but all are desined for 4 or 8 ohm woofers and documenation indicates they can damage the amplifier. Also important for this amplifier would be that it uses conventional home AC power, and has an LFE (meaning that the amplifier does the processing of the crossover). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think that the cost of powering the JL car woofer in a home situation might be way higher than the system would justify but your best bet would be to find an old used Bryston or Krell amp that will handle this kind of load. Your 7.1 channel AVR would handle the crossover function for you. A new subwoofer with built in amp might be a better way to go.
  2. get a digital amplifier, preferably one with some gd tech like ICEp. that will halp it reduce the running costs. tbf it al depends on the amplifier, so id recommmend getting class Ds
  3. I have looked around for amplifiers for a while one person recommended a Bash 500S which doesn't provide 2 ohm output, and I found Technical Pro LZ4100 and TA-4250 which provides 1100W but that is 550Wx2 at 2ohms which isn't class D. I would like to find an amplifier that provides very stable and clean sound.

    I can't find class D ohm amplifiers, i found a few that output 4, 6, 8.
  4. its very hard to find an amp thats is even 2 ohms tbh. even i couldnt find some.

    u may have to look into some proffesional audio amplifier.

    check JBL, Cerwin Vega.
  5. Crown.
  6. if ur gonna go that far chek behringers. they dont do class Ds though. but there more efficient then any other consumer products out there.
  7. Yea i was Looking at the behringers EP1500 which does 2 ohms.

    If there are specific units that you know that would be good let me know. I am much interested in one that would do class D amplification.
  8. Most pro-amps use Class G or Class H which are nearly as efficient as Class D.
  9. Crown does make amps that operate at two ohms, but most manufacturers who claim their product will run at two ohms are yanking your chain.
    (does it come with a fire extinguisher?)
    Crown is expensive.
    A new sub with a built in amp is the way to fly.
  10. yes but why waste money like that.

    surely it will still work at 4ohms, its only a small decrease in effiiciency.
  11. It will only operate is 2 ohm and 8 ohms, I can find 8 ohm amplifiers all day, would there be any substantial difference in the lows if not run in 2 ohm vs 8ohm? It has 2 4 ohm voice coils. If i Run in parrell it get 2 ohm, if i run in series then its 8 ohms.
  12. theres really not much diff running chaning ohms, ur not gonna be playing sound at over 130 decibels are u? then just stick to 4 or 8. but even then theres barely a decrease in volume, but the amp will run cooler.
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