a decent AMD build..... any comments on mine?

athlon 2500+
a7n8x deluxe
128 mb sapphire ati 9500 pro
WD 80g 7200rpm 8mb cache
2x256 kingston cl 2.5 (or is transcend jetram better?)
logitech mx500 mouse
asus 16x dvd
asus 52x24x52 cd-rw
benq g774 17" 0.25ddp
hp 3300 multifunction (this a decent flatbed mono laser mf?)

i want decent suggestions on any changes i should make.... not like.... no way! get corsair!... its basically a gaming computer.... looking to slightly overclock on stock cooler to maybe 2ghz.... and im wondering wat case/psu to get... anything under $200 AUD.....also any better 17" inch monitors???

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  1. Hi!

    Seems to be a nice setup although I wouldn't go with the noise WD HD but instead with a Maxtor 9 or Seagate V, they also come with 8mb cache thesedays.


  2. I like the 3 year warranty on that wd and it is the fastest pata according to Sandra. You dont say what speed ram you are getting. May I suggest you get 400 mhz pc3200 You will need that if you go above the 166 fsb. My preference for 17" monitors is the viewsonic PF775. I like the super high refresh rate (118@ 1024 X768) but they are expensive. Looks great to me. I hope my system will catch up to yours soon.
  3. soz forgot...... getting pc2700 ddr333..... not oc the fsb tho
  4. I would go with the MSI Delta-ILSR over the A7N8X. It has the same features, but is a faster board.

    Just a computer junky
  5. Stay with the ASUS, but make sure that you get board revison 2.0 or higer becasue you DO want that new northbridge "ULTRA 400".


  6. That HP 3300 all in one is a SERIOUS unit!!
    like 10,000 page/Month duty cycly - That's serious, and 2 paper trays...
    But Black and White print/copy/fax only - except i believe it will scan color.
    And Pricy too! over $600+USD

    I understand, and am a lasserjet lover also... like everytime ya have to print 3 copies of a 60+page proposal or design document - there just ain't anything like a LaserJet! ( NoProblems++, great price/page and FAST)!

    But your gonna miss not having color print...

    I've gone mid range HP Officejet and am amazed at its reliability( and I'm just not a inkjet lover). A color OfficeJet isn't bad and can knock out a nice quality color doc and scan color... and it's half the price...
    Then, of coarse, i keep a refurbed LaserJet( actually 2 of em) for serious printing(invoices, billing and such)...

    A new color OfficeJet and refurbed Laserjet might give ya more versitality and actually be less money! Refurbed Laserjets are everywhere and cheap!
  7. By the way, have you considered a SERIAL-ATA drive?

    Just asking

  8. Buy MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR instead of ASUS A7N8X Deluxe. It's faster and better than ASUS. Also, you don't have to check for v2.0. It surely has nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset

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  9. Still say go with the ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe since you get 2 LAN connectors with that instead of MSIs one. You also get the ASUS special BIOS which allows you to boot regardless of how much you played with those BIOS settings.

    But in the end both boards look just fine and you should buy the one you like, for instance, the one with the nicest color/package/price etc etc.


  10. Instead of ASUS CD-RW and DVD-ROM, buy LiteOn CD-RW and DVD-ROM

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