Windows XP Pro 32bit to Win 7 Pro 64bit Upgrade

Please help. Currently running Windows XP Pro with 32 bit HD. How can
I upgrade to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit? I am unable to get to custom menu to change to 64 bit. Is there any way to upgrade without stipping the HD and
reformating. If not, what is the procedure to change HD from 32 bit to 54 bit?
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  1. There is no upgrade path from 32-bit to 64-bit. You must perform a clean install (wipe the disk).
  2. There is no way to modify the OS in that way or do an upgrade install that way. It's not a simple "setting," but it involves the whole OS being recoded and recompiled. The only way to install a 64-bit version of Windows will be a fresh install.
  3. Nope. There is no upgrade that will get you from a 32 bit Windows OS to a 64 bit Windows OS. You have to do a totally new install.
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