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I'm not as knowledgable as most of you. So, please let me know which way to go. I like playing games, and don't plan to OC any components (not smart enough for that :))
I am planning to buy (by the way, all prices are in Canadian $)
AMD Athlon XP2600+ $159.95
*question: Is it worth it to go with AMD XP 2800+(Barton) at $269.95? Any other AMD chips that are better value for $?
Asus A7N8X deluxe rev. 2 $199.99
*question: will this board work fine with Radeon 9700pro?
512MB x 2 PC2700 Micron original DDR cas 2.5 $105.00
*question: I know this board support duall channel. However, I'm not sure if I buy 2X512mb PC2700 (Micron original)will that enable this feature? Does it make sense to go now with 1GB of RAM, or shall I upgrade it later?
Antec Sonata case w/true power 380W PS $159.99
WD 80 GB Caviar 7200RPM 8MB cache $149.95
*question: Is Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm Fluid dynamic bearing at $127.95 better choice? I heard that WD is too noisy.
ATI Radeon 9700pro $449.99
LG 52x24x52 CDRW
Viewsonic P95F 19" black monitor $360.00
I would really appriciate any suggestions. I am on budget. I'm sorry if my qestions are too naive for you guys. Please let me know what you think. Thank you all.
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  1. I would go for the 2500 Barton. And for a cheaper video card. Radeon 9000PRO or 9500(PRO) are better priced. After 10 months you can buy the newest one very cheap....
  2. Hm, I was thinking to go with Sapphire Radeon 9500pro ($269.99 Can) instead of 9700pro. Will Doom3 run ok with it? Thanks ezzlar.
  3. Another thing, XP2500+ 512 Barton is priced at only $139.95 (CAN). Is it faster then XP2600+ (at 159.99)? I realize it has more L2 memory. What about clock speed? Which one will play games faster? Thanks.

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  4. Hello!

    According to THG the XP2600+ and the 2500+ (barton) seem to be about even in gaming:

    So I would go with the cheaper one and either invest the difference in a better Videocard or save the cash :smile:

    Your second question is more difficult but you seem to have got it right, I myself choose the Maxtor over the WD when I built my computer since I thought the WD to be too noisy! Also do check out Serial-ATA drives since your mobo supports them.


  5. Get the XP2600 or 2700. save your money. The benefits of barton's extra cache is way outweighed by its cost. (unless you overclock lol)

    I would also get the 9700 non-pro if you want to save a few bux... but then again i just got a 9700pro so i shouldnt talk :smile:
    The introduction of the 9800 has certainly reduced its cost.

    1Gb ram is good, though probably a bit much for the casual user. 512 is usually sufficient.

    My W.D. 800Jb isnt particularly noisy. Sure it makes some noise, but it just blends into alll the other drives and fan noise.
    Plus, if you look at the fine print the JB drive has a 3 year warantee, while i bet the maxtor has only a 1 year warantee. I find that important.

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  6. LOL.
    By the looks of it, Doom3 wont even run fast on a overclocked R9800pro, at least with all the detail levels cranked up to full!

    <b>My PC is so powerful it developed AI and enslaved me in a make believe virtual world... called Freelancer</b> :lol:
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