Wow over hot cpu?

Well so much for my cooler. I bought a swiftech mcx 478 for my 3ghz p4 and i aint impressed. The cpu idles at 42c but when its on full load shoots up to 57c this surely aint right for a this cpu and what i was led to believe was a kick ass cooler.

Am i just being stupid or is there something wrong?

btw my system temp stays stable at 28-30c. even with the cpu at 57 :/.

I would really like some guidance as this cpu cooler wasnt cheap D:
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  1. This is probably a pretty dumb question, but did you use a thermal compound of some kind in between the CPU and the heatsink? If not, that could be your problem.
  2. pull the heatsink off and make sure it was laying flat on the cpu. The thermal compound should be even all the way across the cpu. Thats the biggest problem is making sure there on flat and not stuck up on one side even though it looks ok.
    What kind of thermal compound were u using? Arctic silver or what came with the heatsink.
  3. i think it came with artic silver

    wow is a good temp for this cpu or a adequate one?

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  4. oh come on..
    my CPU is 55C at idle, and shoots up to 62C full load
  5. oh D: appologies do u have a 3ghz as well?
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    Okay, you already have the Swiftech MCX, which is good. Here's what you still need:
    1) An 80mm to 120mm adapter like <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A>.
    2) A speed-adjustable 120mm fan like <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A>.

    Then and only then can you harness the true power of a Swiftech MCX.
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    Okay, seriously, it's a <b>3GHz P4</b>!

    Just how well do you think <i>any</i> air cooler will work on one of <i>those</i> heat-mongers?

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    But really, try the 120mm fan mod. You know you'll like it. ;)
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  7. wow i think i just might thats sooooo much i was about to reinstall meh heatsink :/ Though i might do that anyway :D
  8. That fan adapter is cool!!! You so sold me on it.

    My CPU runs at like 42 at full load but I want it anyways!!!

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  9. i WOULD apply the artic silver i bought but the Volcano7 i have on threatens to tear the whole cpu section of my mobo right off the pcb



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