What the hells going on with my cpu fan ??

Ok, I have had a Global Win CAK488T for about a year now and everything has been ok, I check on my via hardware monitor today and its reporting speeds of 9100rpm WTF !. I have never seen it over 3500 before, my whole system seems louder then usual as well.
Can someone tell me whats going on is it really going that fast, is it about to die ?
What the **** is going on ?
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  1. If you are still with us please check your voltages. That fan would need 24v to run that fast. May be time to change psu. Good luck.
  2. The voltage core is fluctuating between 1.80 and 1.81. I have an athlon 1.333 cpu and an enermax 431w power supply
  3. Just an idea, if you have more then one cpu-fan connector try the other one...All i can figure this is weird...unless your fan aint spinning faster and its just the sensor. Because im sure you would notice 3X the rotation speed anyway good luck
  4. Relax. Its just a bug.
    I had a line from my psu to a mobo header that monitored the psu fan speed... or was supposed to.
    It seemed to change from the real speed to multiples of it. e.g. 2000rpm, 4000rpm 6000rpm.
    once it got stuck on 18000rpm and stayed there for a few minutes.
    Some error or defect in the was the speed is monitored.

    If your fan was spinning at 9100 rpm it would be ear defeningly loud and it probably would have failed catostrophically by now :smile:

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  5. The 12v rail is the one you should be looking for. Even in a very good psu a coil can short. Since you said your sys is a lot louder, give it a check. It probably is just a glitch but better safe than sorry.
  6. Just in case anyone cared it all seems to have gone back to normal, at the time it was happening we were experiencing a bit of a heat wave. I guess the abnormal heat and humidity was causing the sensor to give false readings.
    Has anyone else encountered similar symptoms
  7. If you have an 80mm fan and see it at anything over 7000 rpm you would be hearing a vacuum cleaner. At 9000 i expect it would explode from the torque lol

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