Marantz cdr300 service - superscope?

Have a Marantz CDR300 needing maintenance - intermittant OPC and REC errors. Or maybe it doesn't like todays recordable CDs. About 6 yrs old, never serviced. Any notable experience with Superscope as service depot?
Thanks - Chuck
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  1. If feasible you might try cleaning the laser lens. But before spending money repairing a six year old recorder I would look seriously at a solid state recorder -- or recording onto a laptop hard drive.

    I have so far owned five CD recorders (Philips and Sony) two of which died prematurely and ended up in a dumpster or flea market and the remainder have been gifts from despairing owners - but seem to work for me.

    In short this is a pretty unreliable technology. The quality of construction of the drives used in CD recorders seems to be identical to the CD drives which are used in computers (and those cost about a tenth of the price and can last as little as 18 months).
  2. Usually the record laser craps out. The playback laser seems to last as long as a regular CD player.
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