Help: is my 1800+ locked or unlocked?

Hi! I'm going to build a a system in a few days with an XP 1800+ Tbred A (it has AIUGA written on it) and I ought to know if the CPU is locked or unlocked BEFORE I get it going. Since I plan to OC it.

All I can tell you is that some of the L11 and L3 bridges seem to have a small cut inbetween them (is this a s k lasercut?) but noone really seems to be connected (no lines between the "Bridgepoints"). Grateful for any help, Oh yes, corevoltage 1.5 according to AMD.

Thanks for any responce guys.

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  1. All AXP's come with locked multiplier. Many nForce2 mobos are able to unlock Tbred-B processors.

    DON'T buy a "Tbred-A" processor, if you want to overclock.

    Instead buy a 1700+ Tbred-B, it will overclock much better. Without unlocking multiplier, you will surely do 166 MHz, and very good chance of doing 200 MHz.

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  2. Actually your wrong.....

    ALL T-Bred's (A & B) are Unlocked...from 5 - 12.5 anyways......and its not the L3 or L11 that decides that, its the L1's.....all the L1's shoudl be intact, no laser cuts between them....

    Also, Spitfire is right, dont get the 1800 T-Bred 'A'....BUT, by the looks of it, u said u already baught DONT expect anymore than 2Ghz MAXIMUM.....more like 1.9GHz......

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  3. i find it funny that you guys can predict so precisely how much a CPU can overclock even tho you havent even touched it first hand...


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  4. Well thankyou all for your comments, but due to your different replies I still don't know if its locked or unlocked (the L1 has no cuts of any kind). It is about 7 months old and written on it is:
    AXDA 1800DLT3C
    AUIGA 0237 MPM

    The mobo is an ASUS 87V8X-X a "chepo" via KT 400. My plans are to make this CPU go up to about 1.8~1.9 Ghz.

    May the mobo be with me...

    Any further suggestions/comments?


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