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Ok so here's my problem. I have 3 monitors set up technically although one is my 54'' TV to play movies on while I work and play. Ultimately what I would like to do is while I'm playing movies and not using the other monitors (such as laying down to take a nap or playing movies with friends) I want to have a screensaver display on the unused monitors. I'm not sure if this is actually possible with a movie up on the TV but if anyone has any idea of a program i could use i would be extremely grateful.

I'm also running windows 7 ultimate if that matters any to you...
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  1. Im pretty sure what your asking is can you have screen savers running on the monitors your not using and still access the rest of your computer... Answer: NO... since your system is being used some where its in a "Active" state so the screen saver mode won't initiate
  2. Yes and unfortunately I thought that was the case. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a program that would bypass it. Thanks for your help
  3. No problem!. And sorry if i sounded aggressive, just how i can be sometimes
  4. Not at all. You were as helpful as i could have expected
  5. thamien said:
    Not at all. You were as helpful as i could have expected

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