Computer Dropped stuck at Bood

My friend dropped his computer, and asked me to have a look at it. Everytime I boot it up and try and get to start windows normally it freezes on the windows logo, if I boot it up and hit F8 to start the computer last best known configuration it gets stuck again and in safe mode it gets stuck after loading all the files.

I've tried to see if they're any problems with the hard drive using the Startup Repair, but the disk checker takes ages to complete, i've left it for about a day and a half and it still hasn't finished.

It is a Sony Vaio VPCEE2M1E

Don't know what to do next.
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  1. Check to make sure the ram is seated properly.
  2. I'm going to venture here that that one of the OS primary drivers was corrupted during the impact - I don't think it's the ram since you are able to get past POST. My recommendation here would be to reinstall the OS.
    I only say that because of the point at which the issues start
  3. Id reinstall windows, and make sure all components are seated properly (Just to be on the safe side). And say boohoo if any important data is lost =/
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