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i dont kno where to post this message so i just put it here in cpu section. here it goes.

my pc just had a strange behaviour recently. it always restart itself after windows is loaded (both in xp and win98). it also almost always freeze and am running out of patience. but if i boot it using a boot disk (or when its in safe mode)it wont have any problem in restarting. what could be the cause of this? any idea people? HELP!! thanks.

athlon 1.4
512 ram
barracuda 80 gig (has its own fan)
ECS K7VZA 3.0 motherboard
audigy sound card, u.s. robotics internal modem
pinnacle pctv rave capture card
300 watts power supply
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  1. The first thing to check is your cpu fan. Is it full of dust. Turn off your power supply at the back. Use a plastic end on your vacuum to suck all the dust out of the hsf. Clean out the rest of the case very carefully.Do the power supply through the back fan hole. Now you can start your rig up and watch the fan run. If its turning nicely see if you still have the same problem. If you do it's time to check your system voltages in the bios . If all the voltages are close to thier nominal value, you probably have a software, driver or virus problem . At that point you may want to use a restore point from xp. Good luck.
  2. Have you uninstalled the drivers for that Audigy recently? Whenever i unistall the drivers on mine, i get the same effect(restarting when windows starts to load). I find clicking F8 when windows is starting and choosing the option "load last good configuration of windows"(or sometihing like that) fixes the problem.

    I think your problem is most likely software related. Do you remember anything you have installed recently that might make it unstable?? If you do then go into safemode and unistall it.

    Also go into Safe mode and run msconfig under the start up tab uncheck everything, and see if it still has the same problem. If it doesn't then start checking them one at a time till you encounter the same problem.

    If you can't seem to fix it using any of the options above, then i would highly recommend reinstalling windows. If it is software related this will fix it, if it isn't then atleast you can rule it out.

    I recommend partitioning and formatiing your HD before installing(you can do it while installing windows, very easy), but if you don't want to bother with backing up your stuff then delete your windows directory and then install windows.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

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  3. Hehe, this used to be common with VIA platforms, but in your case it could be a problem with the power supply.

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  4. b4 this crazy things hapend to my pc, i have back up my dive c:(windows) into symantec ghost image. if something hapened to my pc before, i just run the ghost and everything would be back to normal again.

    but now, no mater wat i do ghost, fresh install windows 98 and xp, the same problem will always restart all the time. what could be wrong? thanks for your help..
  5. Like other posters have stated maybe it is your power supply, would it be possible for you to try another? Maybe borrowing one from another PC?

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    is that i know nothing at all.
  6. try to eject your RAM then scrub the pins with eraser,,after scrubbing try to put it back on the slot then boot your PC..
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