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im looking into getting an HDTV finally and i see that it has no analog audio out, so if i want to hook it up to my stereo which only has analog, is there some kind of cable i can get that will go from the digital audio out on the tv, and allow it to hook into the regular red and white audio in on my stereo? its not a home theater or anything, just a stereo ive had for a while, and it has a game mode and allows the red white and yellow to come in the front, and has a yellow for video going out the back thats supposed to go into the tv, but i dont wanna use that since ill be using HDMI.
so basically i need some way of going from the digital audio out, and make it go to the red/white on my stereo
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    If you really want get your TV sounds ported to your amplifier then it is better to get a TV that has audio out. Sometimes manufacturers use a 3.5 mm TRS jack audio out connector and you might miss it if you are only looking for RCA type port. Getting a digital to analog converter requires you to get the TV first and know what kind of conversion you will need; Optical SPDIF to analog, Coaxial SPDIF to analog or HDMI to analog?

    This converter is only 2 channels so if you are looking for multichannel output, you are going to spend more than $100; Klipcsh and Creative use to make them but I could not find them being sold anymore. .
  2. well this tv has audio out, it says its optical digital, and i dont have anything that will go with that. all i have is an old cd player basically, but it has inputs for the red/white/yellow cables. its not 5.1 surround or anything, its just got 2 speakers. would this work for what i need as far as you know?
    now i just need to try and find one around here
  3. The monoprice converter should work, I never use them before but the spec seems to be ok.

    My TV comes with analog and digital audio out so if you can find one then you are ok, that if you already purchased the TV, in that case, your only option is like that monoprice converter. If you can find something similar in your area at much lower price then you’ll need the cables and you're good.

    Here's some more.
  4. is monoprice an american site? i live way up here in the great white north, so im not sure if theyll ship here, but the converter you showed me is exactly what i need. i just gotta find one around here. i havnt bought the tv yet but ive seen screenshots of the rear panel and theres only digital audio out. ill look around when i go to buy the tv for a converter though. thanks, at least now i know what im looking for and what there called
  5. I just skimmed through these pages and did not see anything that they could not deliver it to Canada or Alaska.
  6. i was just worried about the extra costs of getting it shipped here. but thanks very much. if i cant find something here and if the tv speakers arent quite what i want them to be, then ill definitly get this. youve been a huge help :)
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