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I have a very nice Theatre of magic for sale in Canyon Country, CA.
The cabinet is a strong 9 with minor wear. The playfield is a 10, The
translight is a 9 with on small scratch and the machine works flawless.
Now what i did:
The playfield was taken out of the machine, the cabinet was cleaned and
polished, the inside of the cabinet was sanded and repainted, and the
backbox was taken apart and repainted(black area). I installed NOS
legs, levelers and bolts. The top of the playfield was disassembled to
the wood, the playfield cleaned and polished. All bulbs were replaced,
all ball guides were re-grained to look new, replaced all star posts
with NOS ones, all targets NOS, main ramp NOS, trunk NOS, has NOS gold
saw, NOS plastic set, NOS ball guides, NOS trunk flap with decal,
replaced trunk decal, NOS lane guides, Entrance ramp flaps on all three
ramps replaced to look identical. All wire ramps and magnet housing
were sent out and re-plated 18 karat gold and clear coated for
durability(process not cheap cost wise). Underside of playfield, all
assemblies were taken apart and cleaned, allot of NOS coils forget
which ones, both flipper assemblies replaced with almost NOS
everything(flipper bats, coils, one plate, ect..). All bulbs replaced.
There is probably more stuff replaced with NOS parts and some other
things i forget, but the machine is very nice. It also includes a
repro manual. I cannot ship myself, but would help with shipping, i.e.
naval ect.. I am asking 3400.00 OBO. if interested please e-mail me.
I will not say its NIB condition, is it very nice, yes, is it used,
yes, is it nice enough to say it is collector quality, yes or i would
not have it. Thanks Mike Paris
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.pinball (More info?)

    NOS gold saw? These exsist? I thought they were aftermarket. I need
    to get one of those :)
  2. Archived from groups: rec.games.pinball (More info?)

    Mike Paris has NICE machines

    very, very, very nice machines

    I would grab this one, but my wife won't like the translite

    little deal we made ...

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