Acer Aspire vs. Gabeway laptop for my 13 yr. old.

Comparing an Acer Aspire and a Gateway laptop for my kids for Xmas. Seems that both have 4GB mem, 500GB hard drive. The Gateway has Windows 8 and the Acer has Windows 7. Need some advice before I exchange the Acer that I bought at WalMart last week for the Gateway at Target tomorrow. Thank you very much for any advice!!
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  1. Most 13 yr olds have no preconcieved notions of what an operating system should look/feel like, the win 8 machine should be fine, it may even feel 'friendlier' to the less experienced user.
    What processors do the laptops have? Is there a price difference? Doesn't have any effect on which OS, just considering functionality.
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