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I own a pair of Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 wireless speakers ( and a pair of logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speakers ( Ive tried numerous ways to hook them up together to work as a surround sound unit (two front two rear and two subs) i cant seem to find a solution and help?
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  1. You need a Center speaker to make a 5.1

    However, before anything else, what is your audio format? (Source) what are you connecting the speakers with? What player and programs are you using?

    You can’t just put 2 speakers together and make a surround without a proper surround driver/coding.
  2. i have a center thats not an issue

    I am trying to format the surround sound to an asus D1 sound card. but the issue is that the klipsch speakers are wireless and have no input into the sound card, it does have a headphone jack in the speaker itself could i take a 3.5mm cable and hook it up that way to my sound card?
  3. 1st is how do you get the klipsch to work without the headphone jack? There must be a transmiter unit included with that speaker. But yes, you can use the headphone jack.
  4. By the way, what do you use for center unit?
  5. i use a center unit from logitech, and yes there is a usb transmitter for the klipsch
  6. Then you can also connect the D1 sound card to the transmitter.

    Another thing is that usually, the more powerful speakers are at the front and center so if the center speakers are two separate channels/speakers then you might want to use that as rear speakers.
  7. so you are suggesting i take the 3.5mm cable and put it through the card?
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    Whatever you prefer; wireless or headphone jack works as long as both connections have no issue.

    If I were to connect that, and if the other logitech speaker for is two separate stereo speakers then I would use the z2300 as the Center then the Promedia for the front and use the other logitech as a rear speaker. However, if it's a real Center speaker then switch the both logitech front to rear. The system is best for multi-channel music and movies, since rear speakers don't get use as much like the center and front speakers during movies and concert videos.
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  10. thank you so much for all of your help, you were very knowledgeable about the subject, i really appreciate it
  11. You are welcome and thanks for the complement.
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