Need Help with Surround Set-up on my PC

So I just built my first PC.

My problem is this, I setup my audio on VIA HD Audio Deck as having 6 channels. I have 6 channel speakers connected at the back of my CPU and I have 2 sockets at the front (mic and headphones). The channels come out right on my speakers but when I use headphones on the front panel, I can only hear the front left and front right equivalent of the speakers. Is there any way to set the front panel headphone jack to stereo (so I can hear everything) while keeping the back panel at 6 channel?

Useful Info:
-I have a Antec 300 case whose front panel connectors support HD Audio or legacy AC'97, I used the HD Audio connectors to connect to my motherboard.

-HD Audio front panel is enabled in BIOS.

-I have these speakers:

I have the latest Audio drivers Installed
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  1. You need to setup your device manager to headphone or stereo; this will disable the 6-channel setup then change it back to 6ch when you are finished. Unfortunately, you have to do this every time you need to plug your headphone.

    Another way to do this is to plug your headphone to the headphone jack on your X-530.
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