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Sorry this is in completely the wrong category but i wanted it to be read :smile: .
I am setting up ADSL broadband for my parents on a wires-only service (probably freedom2surf-i am in the uk)and i just want to make sure i know exactly what i am doing because i am not so great when it comes to networking.
They have two computers so they want it set up on both.I would be grateful if anyone could answer the questions i have.Here is a list of the things i have established that i need:
ADSL Modem
2 NICs
Network Cables

Is there anything i have missed?
Do i need microfilters for every phone socket in the house or just the one that the modem is plugging into(they have two phones)?
Do i just connect both computers into the router via the NICs and then connect the modem into the router as well?Most of the modems seem to have a usb interface so i don't quite understand how i should do that.
Thanks in advance for any help :smile: .

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  1. I probably don't have many good answers because I've never done this and only know about it in theory, and might not be too accurate at that, but from what I understand you have two options:

    Option one is to hook a USB ADSL modem into one of the PCs directly and then connect that PC to the other PC over a network and allow internet sharing. (Or something like that.)

    Option two is to get something like a nifty internet appliance/firewall/router box with the ADSL modem built in. Then you just network both of your PCs into that thing and violla, instant shared and protected ADSL connection.

    You could also use a wireless LAN to replace the wired LAN. I have a friend who went that route and was incredibly happy with the results. He used a wireless firewalled appliance router thing to maintain the hub, so he never had to wire the PCs to the modem, which is cool, and it has some nice security features and all that for the wireless network, which is also cool.

    Anywho, that's all I know, which admittedly isn't much as you can probably tell by just the lingo alone. :) Good luck though. Hopefully someone wiser will swoop in with a killer reply to help you.

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  2. Install Microfilters on every phone jack in the house that has a phone except for the line that the ADSL is coming from > ADSL phone line to the uplink on the Router > Router to the two different NICS on each of the computers. > Setup the NIC properties on each of the computers. and you are done
  3. Thanks for the help guys :smile: .
    Do i need to get a modem with an RJ45 interface in order to connect it to the router?how do i do it if it only has usb?

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  4. Any respectible company (unlike AOL)doesnt have a USB interface on their DSL modems. If it does have a USB interface all you have to do is ( i might be wrong here) is connect the USB modem to one of the computers > then from the NIC take the CAT5 cable and plug it into the Uplink on the router > and then on the computer connect the other CAT5 cable to one of the ports on the router

    Try to get a Modem( if the ISP isnt suppling one or if they are) with the Ethernet port. The USB interface slows down the whole process.


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  5. i am getting the modem myself because isps always overcharge massively for them,so i will look carefully for ones with RJ45 connections,since that way sounds easier.thanks again.

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  6. Because I have a lot of NICs laying around, I would simply install two of them in one box, hook one to the ADSL modem through a standard cable, and the other to the next PC via a crossover cable. No router needed, you're using the first PC as a gateway.

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  7. Thanks-that could save some cash.Are there any benefits of having a router which i would miss out on by doing that?Would it be worth getting a software firewall?If i wanted to add a third computer, could i do so by just adding another NIC to either of the other two?

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  8. It is cheaper in the long run to get the router. In terms of the cost of electricity the routers run at ~20w compared to ~200w+ for a computer that is always on. Especially since I’ve seen deals like <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A>

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