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just ordered , how did i do?

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May 31, 2003 1:06:19 AM

hi fellas,
been getting a little depressed at all the power pcs that i read about guys building.
so i decided to order a few parts.
ordered yesterday, 700$ and change.

i have always been an nvidiot and an amd man all the way, But.
i ordered the p4p 800 deluxe 800 fsb 865pe asus board.

the 2.4 ghz ht supported 800 fsb cpu

a pair of 256 mb dual channel ocz latency enhanced pc3200 ddr

and a western digital 36 gb sata 10k rpm hard drive.

now i plan to add these parts to my case, 550 psu, cd/rw, g4ti4600 etc..
i had a few questions though.
in the past ive always opted for a creative labs sound card to get the best sound i can out of my rig, after reading the manula for the asus board it seems it has 5.1 sound built in, will i see a performance loss /gain by using the onboard vs a pci card?

i was going to order 1 gig of memory in 2 512 sticks, however i opted for the 512 in 2 256 sticks instead because of the cost.
did i shoot myself in the foot or will 512 be adequate for this rig when gaming like doom3 viet cong, americas army etc...?
can i add another 2, 256 later and still run dual channel etc...?

and can i expect similair speeds like the 875 canterwood setup with the new chip etc..?
i read the article regarding this a few times and i think i understood it, but ive been wrong before.

lastly, i plan to use my g4ti4600 for now, then in a month i plan to grab either a 9800 pro 256 or a fx 5900 ultra, will i see a significant gain in say 3dmark2k1 or 03 with my upgrade even though im using the same video card?

right now im running a shuttle ak31 266a via chipset, with an 1800+, and 1 gig of pc 2700, a g4ti4600 etc...
i score around 10k now on 3dmark2k1 i am curious to see what the upgradeed platform with the same card will score.

so any input would be great, anything i missed? anything you would do different?

i plan to run this as a gaming machine, i use word pad for my work stuff, and thats it, movies and games after that.
hoping to see a big gain in fps in the games i mentioned as right now there borderline unplayable.

i know we get alot of these posts, so i waited till after i ordered , lol figured i have read all the other posts to get the idea, just wanted to see if i did ok.,

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May 31, 2003 1:03:17 PM

can i add another 2, 256 later and still run dual channel etc...?

Yes, you'll still be in Dual channel mode.

You've got some high performance components there. Congrats! :D 

<b><font color=blue>I agree with that solution ... because it is a logical one.</font color=blue></b>
May 31, 2003 6:47:23 PM

an onboard sound card like yours is really a "soft" sound card, and uses your CPU to process the audio data a lot more than a dedicated PCI card - if you want highest performance for both sound AND graphics, definitely get a PCI sound card - plus PCI cards have loads more features that will come in handy.


Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
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May 31, 2003 8:37:10 PM

Well, i would have bought a p4 too, good choice there.

But what is the trend to have small nuclear unit as power syply ?? 550w wth ! a 380-420 would be MORE than enough. I dont see 10 HD raid array and 50 fans in there ?

As for the HD. I still think serial is nice and all but really expensive for such a small cpacity. I would have gotten a 80-120Gb WD 8mg

Good choice in keeping your ti4600. You wont need to upgrade until HL2 and DOOM3 and even there you will be fine.

I don't really like onboard audi. If its the soundstorm 5.1 it's nice otherwise it's crap.
May 31, 2003 9:38:45 PM

thanx guys i appreciate the answers.

so a pci = better performance?
kool i had always believed that to be true but was a little blown away at the onboard sound this board offers.
its 5.1 is looking better than my xgamers sblive pre 5.1 cards abilities.
but alas im a gamer, so ill go pci.
the small nuclear facility i call my 550 antec true power comes with a story.
i here people spouting about different psu's and why ...
i had 2 psu's in the 350 range go bad on me and cause a snowball effect of problems.

after replacing it with another 350 i did some reading, i learned about "true power" and decided that since the 430 watt that was in stock at that time was $60 and the 550 was 79$ i opted for more power.

i have never had a system crash or bluescreen since, so i swear by the antec true power 550 watt psu, its all i will use.

as far as the hard drive i really dont know what to expect, i just feel that my current maxtor 7200 is my bottleneck and with the system i am building it has no place amoung these other powerfull components, ive wanted a faster hard drive since i built the kt7a raid setup but never could part with the money till now.

the ti4600 i will run till i sell it, it is for sale for 180$ if i can sell it i will grab a 9800 pro, i play doom3 now have for over 2 months, same with vietcong, and they are playable, just not like i want them to be, lol i want to see 100 fps+ when i can, currently i see 35.

so i will at first run the ti4600 and see if the improvement is there if so then i will wait till those newer cards come way down in price.

lastly though i bought ocz memory despite hearing that twinmos corsair is the way to go, it was simply easier for me i didnt get a deal or anything im sure i paid the same as corsair, you think it will make a difference?

the ocz is still pc3200 enhanced latency with copper spreaders, but i dont see it on the motherboard list of modules tested so now i am worried.
i dont plan on overclocking this rig much if at all at first so will it matter?

my order isnt in yet so i can change what i want, should i change to corsair to play it safe?
ocz as all other memory companies claims to have the best modules period, lol i have always opted for mushkin myself but like i said it was simply a matter of convienence to get the ocz.

so thanx again for your words, i hope your able to read the rest and let me know what you think regarding the memory. on monday i go to pick up the stuff i ordered but it is possible i mis understood the guy and he may order on monday, if that is the case i will probably make a few changes, like the 2.6 instead, and the corsair if you guys think it make a difference in performance.
May 31, 2003 11:14:39 PM

lol, so check this out.
i had ordered my stuff locally because i was waiting for funds to clear in my bank and figured with the weekend and order time, my stuff would be in on monday and then the funds will be clear, well i realised after talking to the local merchant that he in fact was going to wait till monday verify funds then order, so i decided to cancel since i can order myself on monday which saves me money.

so i doubled the memory from 512 to 1 gig, and went up a chip size to the 2.6 instead of the 2.4 and my total is only $75 more than before, so screw it im ordering it monday myself and getting more cpu for less money.
as long as it stays about the same price and i double the dual channel memory and up the chip im very happy with the wait.
i was thinking before since i was inpatient that i didnt mind spending the extra bucks for the convienence of getting the stuff sooner, then i came to my senses.

so probably weds or thursday ill have the parts and then we build.

lol i almost at one point looked at adding a vid card instead of doubleing the memory and upping the cpu but the total was just a little to steep for me, ill wait and run the ti 4600 till it sells, or till the 9800pros drop to the 250 range.
June 1, 2003 1:49:32 AM

Good move on your memory going to 1 Gig. Do you plan on over clocking? If you are I would go with 2.4c if not go with 2.6c or 2.8c