Will this tv digital cable box motorola dct2224 work with comcast digital cable?

Hello, Will this TV digital cable box Motorola DCT-2224 work with Comcast digital cable?
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  1. Technically, I suspect it should work, but unless you are purchasing this device directly from Motorola or an authorized reseller, I suspect Comcast will not activate the device; making it an expensive paper weight.

    Most of these set top boxes that you find available, online, are actually the property of some cable company and are not for re-sale. These devices were simply not returned when the lessee moved on.

    If this is the case and it's actually a Comcast set top box, then Comcast has every right to reclaim their "stolen" property at YOUR financial loss.

    If you really want to purchase a set top box, then I'd recommend you contact Comcast and find out what the necessary specifications are and get documented assurances that they'll activate it once connected. Then go to a local store and look for a set top box that meets all of Comcast's requirements.

    -Wolf sends
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