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hey i just built a new amd 2500 barton sytem today and i'm having a problem already! My computer constantly restarts on me almost every 5 - 10 mins. It definately restarts on me faster when i'm runing some kind of program (game for example, which won't even play due to its restarting) I think it may have something to do with the ram but im not sure. The ram i bought is the ram that is supposedly pre-tested in dual channel systems before being sold. I don't think that my system is overheating because it's only runing at around 41 - 48c (roughly 110 - 118 ferenheit). Also, sometimes (but not every time) when i start up the comp is says "system failed memory test". So maybe its the ram? maybe the motherboard? bad cpu? I also reinstalled windows (win2k) but it's still restarting constantly. so maybe its the os? Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. I just hope i find out whats wrong soon so i have time to RMA it, im about ready to RMA everything! thanks. my system specs...

amd 2500+
asus a7n8x dlx
corsair XMS 2 x 256MB PC-2700LLPT
Maxtor 80gb 8mb cache
ATI 8500LE
3 case fans
I'm using stock cpu heatsink
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  1. Its a combination of your board and memory, the newest revision of the nforce chipset fudged up support for most sticks of pc2700 memory, downclock your memory to 133mhz and see if that stops the restarting, if it does, then you need a new board not using the A1 revision nforce chipset, or get better memory, pc3200 prices are pretty low nowadays...
  2. alright, i'll downclock the memory and if that works i'll end up gettin pc3200 because it seems easier than gettin a new board. Seriously thanks for the reply man. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. ok, i underclocked the memory to 133 and it's actually even more messed up than before. the comp was restarting much more often (almost immediately after startup). so i just reclocked it back up to 166 where it is runing just like before (restarting frequently). I'm guessing its the ram, but should i RMA the motherboard too, just in case? i know i'll RMA the ram and get pc3200. My only question now is if i should RMA the motherboard?? any suggestions? thanks
  4. Hmm, checked the powersupply? But as you say, seem to be a memory/mobo thing, could be Videocard also but begin with the memory with the mobo and the CPU! If you bought them from the same place send them all in and let the shop do the testing.


  5. Try switching ram slots, that worked on my non plus 8rda when it would reboot out of the blue
  6. well i switched the ram slots and it seems to be a little bit more stable than before. Instead of restarting when i try to play games it just closes the program after a few seconds of playing. Well i'll be RMAing my mobo, cpu, and ram - let them do the tests and figure out whats wrong! I'm still really frustrated about the corsair memory that was supposed to be tested before being sold, talk about a scam! anyways thanks for all you help guys!
  7. Not to insult but is this a clean install? Sounds like maybe you have some old drivers hanging around.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by a clean install, but i installed the nforce2 driver that came on the cd with the mobo onto a new harddrive. i wonder if i should get the msi k7n2 delta or to stick with the Asus a7n8x... thanks again
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