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I'm looking into building a new comp, and for a CPU I was thinking about getting a boxed 3Ghz or 3.06Ghz Intel P4. I was just wondering how well the included fan/heatsink did at cooling. The system is going to be used for gaming, websurfing, Office apps, etc. and I have no plans to do any overclocking. Will the included heatsink suffice or should I look elsewhere for improved performance?

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  1. I now someone who has the 3.06 with stock heatsink. He has no problems with using stock.
  2. I just got my 3.0Ghz new PC running(w00t yeah!!!!!) I've got the Abit IC7 so the temperature rating was a little bit higher than they actually are in BIOS. They come with a winbound hardware doctor, my CPU with the stock HSF(also putted some thermal grease on it) are about 50C at max load. Usually it hovers around 47~48. But I've got 5 fans so that might affected it. BTW is that temperature safe for an Intel cpu?
  3. The heatsink fan included with the retail box performs very well. Although it is very loud.
    It is designed to keep the cpu core temp below 50C at max load.
    In general all P4 heatsinks included in the retail box meet this specification.

    So far under max load my P4 3.06 has only reached 47C.
    Idle temp averages 36C.

    Max junction temp for the P4 3.06 is 69C.
    The core disipates 81.8 Watts at full load.

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  4. I just managed to find the P4 datasheet from intel's website. The Thermal spec section says the maximum allowable for the 3.06Ghz is at 70C (158F). I guess the stock HSF will be fine then, since I'm not going to OC the CPU.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  5. The stock heatsink does the job, but it is the only fan that I can hear in my computer. Not only that, but it makes a rather annoying humming sound. It keeps my processor under 46 degrees, but I'd prefer something quieter. I have even tried using a Zalman Fan Mate to limit the speed, but then the temperature rises up 60 or more degrees. Therefore, it is a necessary evil, unless anyone here can suggest a quieter but equally affective solution. Thanks :)

    - Daniel (
  6. Check out the Zalman CNPS7000-Cu. This heatsink is amazingly quiet and damn good at cooling too, the best of both worlds! Make sure you have enough room to put in your system, it is damn big!!

    Heres the link for specs:
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  7. Peter,

    I was actually looking at the Zalman heatsink, but it is too big for my motherboard. Right now I am considering the Thermalright SLK-900U since it is supposed to be very good but smaller. Thank for the info.

    - Daniel (
  8. The SLK-900U is a great fan, my friend has one, he loves it. If it was me i would put a nice quiet fan on that, but then again i am freak about quiet machines.

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  9. The Intel CPUs are absolutely excellent when it comes to dealing with temperatures so I would not worry if there was no heatsink at all (by some wierd accident) check out the CPU melting video in Tom's archive.

    Most stock heatsinks are powerful enough to cope with CPU under normal (not overclocked) conditions. Using a stock fan my mate has a P4 1.8 running at 2.4 GHz. They have superb throttle cycling so that if they overheat they reduce the power and carry on going (see video again).

    As the last few people have said the SLK-900 from thermalright is brilliant (as long as you have £60 to spend on the heatsink and fan) I have a 2500+ overclocked to 2.06 GHz from 1.8 with some artic silver 3 paste and it runs at 36 degrees under full load!! Best of all this heatsink, although not cheap, will last you for many upgrades and for a current CPU you could have a totally silent fan to get adequate cooling (less than 28 dBa around 3000 rpm).

    4.77MHz to 4.0GHz in 10 years. Imagine the space year 2020 :)
  10. Hey Peter,

    I finally ordered my SLK-900 along with a Zalman 92mm quiet fan. It should be here this week, and I hope it is quieter than my stock P4 cooling solution. Thanks for the info!

    - Daniel (
  11. Cool, Good choice with the Fan. Post back and tell me what you think of the HS and Fan.

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