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onkyo tx-sr603x set up with ps3 and bose lifestyle surround sound. what listening mode do i need for best sound, what input setup do i need for best sound. basically what all do i need to do for all setup options 0-8 do i need to do for best experience. also something i really want to get out of this is for when im playing a game on my ps3 i want someone next to me on the game to shoot their gun and for me to spin in a circle and be able to hear their gun shoot around me as i rotate. hope you understand and can answer my question thanks! if anyone knows of someone else who could answer this as well please fwd!!
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  1. as for what mode you should set your receiver to for it to sound the best...

    it doesnt really matter. we all prefer different settings. personally i just leave mine on either standard dolby or scifi most of the time.

    as for getting surround sound.... obviously you will want your audio settings set to 5.1 (or whatever your speaker system is) in order to get surround sound. its not perfect (look up 4d sound) but its not bad.

    as far as input settings.... from the ps3 you should be running either hdmi to the receiver if you are using it for both audio and visual or a spdif optical cable to the receiver if you are running the monitor direct from the ps3 and you are using the receiver just for audio.
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