HDMI Cable for PC to HDTV

hey everyone,

I have 32" Korean Brand named "ELEKTA" HDTV, which supports 720p max.
I have PNY Geforce GTS 450 which have Mini HMDI to HDMI along with the Connector.

I Want to watch 720p Bluray movies from PC to HDTV. Currently I am using VGA Cable connected from my PC to HDTV and when I play any high Bitrate movies, it flicks on my HDTV.

Now Kindly suggest me should I buy HDMI Cable? Which brand of HDMI cable should I buy? what would be the cable version? I have 10-15 dollars only to spend on cable.

your opinion and advice would be appriciated,

thank you,
cheers ;)
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  1. guys need ur opinion
  2. Look on Amazon.com and get the cheapest HDMI cable that is the length you want. Since it is a digital signal it either makes it or it doesn't, a more expensive cable won't get you a better picture.

    I got a 25 foot cable for $8 shipped, works fine. Monoprice.com is another good source.
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