Excellent Gaming Laptop for Around 1600

So, I thought I had found the perfect laptop, the Toshiba Qosmio Q870 or the Q875 depending on how much the total would be. To my despair they don't ship to Canada, now I can get it off Ebay but they all jack the price up.

So, I'm looking for a laptop that can run games in high graphics settings with no lag (games like COD6 or Crysis), good sized screen (unless the laptop is really cool, I'd prefer a 15' screen or bigger), and you know some nice other features.

That Qosmio has the next gen video card, a pretty good processor and a decent amount of ram. Apparently people can run their games quite smoothly on this thing.

The weight for me is a pretty minor factor, battery life is something to consider but as long as it is above 1.5 hours I'm happy.
As you can see the Qosmio is a nice looking laptop, doesn't look so industrialized like the IBM's this is also a minor factor but it would be nice, and the last thing to consider are some features, the Qosmio has a blueray drive which is nice.

So that's all, I'm just wondering if anyone can inform me of another laptop that is similar to what I've asked for (high gaming performance, reliability, screen....)
Anyways my price limit is around 1600, and remember I am Canadian :)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The combination of components is really a killer as far as finding anything truely comparable. The 360m is fairly new so it is hard to find anything that has it and a Blu-Ray drive.

    The closest thing I could find is this one, which lacks the Blu-Ray but has 2 GB more memory:

    I could only find two builders with that card, Toshiba and Asus.
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