Good quality speaker system? around $100

Hey all, been looking for a good set of 2.1 speakers for watching movies and listening to music when my friends are over. My last set of speakers were a 2.1 set from i think cyber acoustics and the subwoofer was just awful! Cant even describe what it sounded like, but it was bad. Ive done some searching in the forums and it seems like a pretty good set is the Z523 from logitech, heres the link.

Theyre normally 100 bucks but are on sale for 50.

If you know another set of better speakers for 100$ or less, thats cool :) just wanna know if i can get something better for the same amount before i send the order out.
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  1. if you appreciate sound for what its supposed to be you dont touch logitech. Theyre pretty much the ford of audio systems.

    Edifier S330D is the best budget 2.1 system youll find out there. the only con is that the bass knob is on the subwoofer. the remote modulates the volume, thats all.
  2. If theyre the ford of audio systems, I'd hate to see what the older kias and hyundai's are. and the edifiers are double the price (the logi's were on sale)
  3. fords are nice :)
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